13 Insane Elevator Pranks

Elevators make a lot of people jumpy since it is basically a metal box pulling you up multiple stories. Maybe that's why devious television producers come up with so many elevator pranks. If you're not already a fan of taking the stairs, these pranks might convince you to start getting your exercise!

1. Ghost of a Little Girl

These poor Brazilians are in for a shock when a pale ghost girl holding a doll appears in the elevator with them.

2. Russian Hitman

Job interviews make most people nervous already. Add a hitman to the mix and real adrenaline starts pumping.

3. Japanese Ghost Man

Few are better at setting up elaborate pranks than the Japanese. These unknowing participants come into uncomfortable contact with their greatest fears: the dark and a ghost who just wants to be close.

4. Elevator Goo

These poor Japanese contestants think they are entering a normal elevator, when the floor falls out from under them...

5. Corpse-In-The-Box

What is in the mystery coffin riding along with these Brazilian contestants? You may never get in an elevator again with an unmarked box.

6. Public Displays of Affection

Sometimes you just want a quiet ride up to your floor. And sometimes you get a lot more than you bargained for.

7. Elevator That Goes Nowhere

The Japanese sense of humor is highlighted when this businessman can't seem to get where he needs to go.

8. Falling Floor Elevator

Ever wonder what's beneath you as you ride an elevator?

9. The Intelevator

Comedic musical duo, Ylvis, all made us laugh with "The Fox". But they can also do a fantastic job of pranking these elevator riders with their sassy, talking Intelevator.

10. Murder Elevator

On a more serious social responsibility note, these would-be elevator riders witness what appears to be a murder. Who runs away and who tries to stop it?

11. Pink Unitard Man

People put up with this wild pink unitard man more calmly than they did with the PDA couple:

12. Naked Elevator

In fact, people are more nervous around plain, old naked people in an elevator.

13. Farting Elevator

No truly great prank list would be complete without a fart joke:



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