13 Incredibly Influential Kids Under 15

Traditionally society tends to overlook the youngest and smallest members in the midst of developed and mature minds. Why? Children are, after all, the beginning of the next generation – the founders of countries, cities, and major world-changing industries were once promising kids themselves.

That’s why it's so inspiring to learn of some of the most influential kids under the age of 15 today. Some of these kids had influence handed to them - they're the kids celebrities, born into money, who will undoubtedly forge huge careers in the spotlight themselves. Some have overcome adversity, some are just average kids with big ideas. But, in one way or another, they've all got something special going for them.

Ranging from selling out items because of their celebrity status to helping to build up towns and starting their own fundraising foundations, these kids have the ability to influence other people's actions on a large scale.

13. Harper Seven Beckham, 3

via glamourmagazine.co.uk

Who’s more influential than two of Hollywood’s hottest stars? Their children. Take Harper Beckham, who at only 3 years old, has racked up some serious fashion cred, making a name for herself in the highly lucrative business that is the children’s fashion industry.

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