12 Ways To Pretend You're Listening To Your Girlfriend

Some girlfriends require a lot of attention, time, and care. It can be hard to keep up with them, but if they're worth it you have to figure out ways to stay in the game. Why? Most ladies have other options and will only deal with so much before wandering off. One thing that drives a woman crazy is when she's not being heard. You must have great listening skills if you want to keep your Boo.

If you tend to zone out as you hear words come out of your girlfriend's mouth, then you'll need to implement a strategy. This is where I come in to help. The following is a list of ways to pretend you're listening to your beautiful lady when you aren't.

1) Nod and Look Concerned


This will make her feel like you're on her side and empathize with what she's saying. This almost guarantees success on your end and typically scores you major points.

2) Maintain Eye Contact Unless They are Looking Away


Using eye contact is proven to make people feel more connected and comfortable. Your girlfriend will feel more at ease and relaxed as she looks across at you starring deeply into her eyes… Not even considering the fact that you're really thinking about pizza.

3) Smile Every Five Words


A smile always draws someone in and has the power to change a person's mood. There's also a reason why studies have shown servers who smile at their guests make much more in tips than those who don't. So, show your pearly whites and I guarantee your girlfriend can't help but feel better.

4) Say "Oh, Wow" and Oh, Really" Often


These words may not seem powerful, but they are super important in terms of bailing you out of a conversation you know nothing about. When you're busy zoning out for ten minutes, drop in one "Oh, really" and you're right back in the game.

5) Use Adderral to Boost Listening Energy


Sometimes we all need an energy boost. Adderral works on some people by stimulating parts of their brain and allowing them to focus better. There's nothing wrong with using a little assistance to help you stay in a conversation.

6) Speak Only When She Asks A Question


Just like your mom used to say, "Speak only when you're spoken to," this is exactly the same idea. You'll be better off.

7) Listen for Buzz Words and Phrases


That would definitely be a phrase to watch out for.


That one, too.


Being able to identify important words when your girlfriend is speaking must be a skill you acquire. If she looks up when these words are spoken and it's obvious you aren't listening, good luck to you.

8) Randomly Jump Up and Pretend You Got Her A Gift


Think about the women in the audience of the Oprah show back in the day. Remember what would happen when she gave away bath salts or a DVD? The women went nuts with excitement. This is probably the smartest thing you can do when you need to be saved during a talk with your lady.

9) Laugh When She Laughs


You can never go wrong doing this. We all love validation.

10) If Your Phone Rings, Completely Ignore It


Your girl will feel so important that you're guaranteed to score twenty points in her book. Any guy who acts like he doesn't care about his phone wins.

11) Squint Your Eyes, Tilt Your Head, and Lean in at the Same Time


Male models often do this at the club and you should to because rarely do they go home alone.

12) Show Your Understanding by Saying "You're Right" as Much as Possible


All women want to hear those words. If you can't say them, you might as well end things with her immediately.

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