11 Ways To Tell If You Are Secretly Unhappy

Sometimes, life can get pretty tough, and during those times most people pull themselves up by their bootstraps and push through it. The collective mind of the internet, Reddit, decided to have some real talk with itself and ask, "What are signs that someone is secretly unhappy?"

Strap yourselves in for some armchair psychology because this might hit a little close to home.

11. Disregard For Your Own Personal Health And Safety

According to u/BlahBlahBlush if you have a "Nonchalance about [your] own personal health or safety," you might be staring in the face of a depression. When depressed, most people lack the will to continue acceptable personal hygiene habits like showering or eating. If you find yourself with the lack of energy to take care of your basic needs, you might be unhappy. The user also pointed out the beginning of obviously dangerous habits such as smoking is also a warning flag that something might not be quite right.

10. Switches In Behavior

u/DutchDream discussed the behavior of a close friend who would go from "lackluster," one moment to "flipping out over something trivial the next." Other users followed this up with experiences of friends who would go from incredibly happy to incredibly angry in a flash. Upon investigation, DutchDream found that his friend felt she couldn't express herself about a larger issue and found it easier to be angry/happy/sad over small things. Speaking of....

9. Overreaction/Underreaction over trivial situations

Along with massive mood changes, explosive reactions to otherwise small and normal situations is a big sign of general unhappiness. However equally, no reaction to situations that warrant a reaction could equally be as dangerous, as pointed out by u/LlamaSheep. u/sobrique pointedly explained why a "blank slate," can be a serious problem:

8. Constant sleeping

Sleep is described as being used to pass the time rather than doing something constructive. u/NotebookScribbles pointed out that they often used sleep to "problems like boredom, stress, headaches, or any number of minor physical symptoms that pop up. I legit have a headache and sleep does make me feel better, but I'm pretty sure that the basic cause of both is depression."

7. Lack of sleep

Oh but does the pendulum swing the other way? Yes, it does. Lack of sleep is just as bad as too much sleep, and u/NotebookScribbles pointed this out in the self-same comments about too much sleep. Stress keeps people awake, and falling asleep brings nightmares that makes impossible to stay asleep.

6. Overeating/Undereating

u/NotebookScribbles nails three ways in a single comment! In a state of depression one can lose their appetite and then have it re-appear just long enough to over-satiate it. If you find yourself unable to feel hunger, or perhaps find yourself feeling hungry all the time, you might be dealing with more that just a stomach problem.

5. Fixing Everyone Else's Problems But Your Own

u/Zentopian has nailed the next three ways on our list. According to the user, if someone is really nice and into fixing everyone else's issues, it's because they've given up on fixing their own.

4. Hating To Receive Gifts

As mentioned in the comment linked above, someone who hates receiving gifts might hate getting these things because they feel they're not worth anything other than essentials. To quote Zentopian, "That's because they don't want anyone spending money on their pointless existence, and they don't have any real need for money other than bare essentials."

3. Being a doormat


Someone who doesn't value their existence doesn't care what happens to themselves. If you find yourself in situations that are unjust but lack the will to fight against it might be more than just that. It's not lack of will, it might be depression taking the wheel and leaving you with the lack of energy to fight.

2. You Smile When People Can See You, But Don't When No One Is Around

The comment from u/AbacusG referred to Sherlock on unhappiness. If you don't find yourself smiling when you're alone, it might be depression.

1. Avoiding talking about your life

u/Glorified_Plumber pointed out that people who tend to avoid speaking about their own lives while talking about trivial things might be dealing with intense unhappiness. They'd rather talk about anything else than what's bothering them.

Did this list hit too close to home? If you need someone to talk to there's dozens of support subreddits to suit every need, and while it might be hard, talking about it will help alleviate it.

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