11 Living Mattel Barbie Dolls

Barbie fever has been running rampant all through the internet; infecting men and women alike. We've found 11 living men and women who redefine the phrase, "She/He's a doll!"

1) Dominica Barbie

Huffington Post

Olga 'Dominica' Oleynik is known as Valeria Lukyanova's twin. Both have amazingly mastered the look of a human doll through cosmetics and plasic surgery, but luckily, Oleynik doesn't seem to harbor any delusions about human biology the way her counterpart does.

2) Educated Barbie

Daily Mail

Charlotte Poole, 23, became so Barbie-obsessed that she enhanced her chest to a 34F just after beginning her BA in law and psychology. Ms. Poole has a Master's Degree in Fashion Marketing and works as a social media coordinator for a fashion company. This Barbie lives the plastic life only part-time. She says that she tones her look down at work or for study, and even has a name for her Barbie alter-ego, Charlotte Elizabeth.

3) Uneducated Barbie

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

Thirty-eight year old Blondie Bennett may be going a bit far with her Barbie obsession. In addition to her JJ chest, she is undergoing hypnotherapy sessions to lower her IQ. Bennett says that she wants to be “brainless” to maintain her image. Ms. Bennett says that she wants to be “the ultimate Barbie,” that she “does not like being human,” and that she “would love to be completely plastic” because she thinks that “natural is boring.”

4) Mystery Barbie


Angelica Kenova still remains somewhat of an internet-enigma. Kenova insists that she has not had any surgeries and will not dignify any rumors thereof. She further claims that she has been compared to Barbie since childhood. A leaked photo of the Russian Barbie as a child certainly seems to verify the claim; she looks just like the porcelain doll in her arms.

5) Human Barbie

Huffington Post

Jenny Lee has famously appeared on Oprah to talk about her decisions to repeatedly go under the knife and dramatically alter her appearance. After admitting that her drive to do so was her overwhelming insecurity and difficulty accepting her own appearance, Lee seems much more human and relatable than the other plastics.

6) Mold-Me Ken

Daily Mail

Despite his most recent procedure's near-death results, Brazilian-born Rodrigo Alves says that he may never end his quest for plastic perfection. Alves has pectoral implants, abdominal implants, and fillers in his arms to give that “well muscled” look without any of the actual work involved. Let's hope that another image-obsessed, macho dude never challenges him to fight. We also noticed that he forgot to fake leg day. A therapist has diagnosed him with “body dysmorphia,” meaning he has an unhealthy obsession with his appearance. That was probably a quick diagnosis.

7) Breatharian Barbie

Huffington Post

Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukranian model who has become an internet sensation after transforming herself into a real life Barbie doll. Terrifyingly, she seems to have gotten the look down without looking like a blow up doll we could stick to a window using the typical super collagen lips as a suction cup. Lukyanova claims that her only cosmetic procedure has been a breast augmentation and that she uses makeup to achieve the rest of her look. Valeria's newest claim to fame is her belief that she can survive off of air and light alone, calling herself a “Breatharian”. We're really hoping this one is a ploy for attention. A 65 year old Seattle woman who attempted the same thing last year, supposedly lasted 47 days before “receiving a sign from the universe that it was time to stop”. We think that sign might have been vitamin deficiencies and severe blood sugar issues, but what do we know?

8) Mom Barbie

NY Daily News

We all wanted a fun mom, right? Sarah Burge is a real life Barbie who reportedly spend over $500,000 on transformative cosmetic surgery. She's also given her daughters plastic surgery vouchers on the 7th birthday of the younger and advised her teenaged daughter to get botox injections. She's also famously gotten pole dancing lessons for the younger of her two girls. Top notch parenting, right?

9) Glam Ken

Justin Jedlica

Justin Jedlica's obsession to look like a living Ken doll has left his face distorted. Jedlica offers his services as a consultant to those thinking of altering their appearances. This Ken doll also sports implants meant to emulate the appearance of muscles throughout his upper body because he thinks that working out is, "so not fabulous or glamorous."

10) Obsession Barbie

Daily Mail

At 24, Charlotte Hothman spent approximately 10,000 pounds on plastic surgery to look like her beloved childhood toy. She spent the remainder of her earnings on a Barbie-esque wardrobe and bleached-blonde locks. Hothman has been collecting Barbies since she was a wee tot and has a sprawling collection. “I guess I've just never changed.” She says.

11) Guinness World Record Barbie

The Sun

Cindy Jackson, 58, holds the Guinness World Record for Most Cosmetic Procedures. Jackson has had a total of 21 surgeries as of 2011, and managed to come out of it still looking human. Like Glam Ken, Justin Jedlica, offers her consultation services to those considering going under the knife.

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