11 Gameboy Accessories You Totally Forgot Existed

90s kids remember the basic Gameboy peripherals, but there are some lurking within the depths of gaming history you probably didn't even know existed. Take for example:

The GameBoy Camera And Its Printer:

Selfies have been around long before the invention of the iPhone, but if you took  a picture on your Gameboy there was nowhere to email it to, so you had the option to print the pixelated monstrosity.

The Nuby Sound Amplifier

Via catawiki.com

For the player who needed to hear that 8-bit sweetness, these extra speakers were your best friends.

A GameBoy Radio Tuner

If you don't dig 8-bit chip tunes, this plug-in radio tuner got all your favorite stations.

The Light Boy

Okay, we'll admit you might have known about this magic wonder. It magnified AND lit your screen, perfect for gaming at night. That's right kids, there was no backlight on that sucker.

A Rumble Pack

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Because gaming isn't real if you can't feel it.

GameBoy Shoes

Who the f*ck thought this was a good idea?

A Singer GameBoy Sewing Machine

Oh my yes, this existed.  It embroidered and you could program (kind of) what you wanted from it.

GameBoy Sonar

This little gadget can detect fish up to 20 meters under the surface, and comes with a bonus fishing game. So you can fish while you fish, yo.


Oh boy. Well if you didn't have the tenacity to invest in literally anything else that was available at the time, the WorkBoy was there for the businessman gamer. It kept appointments, checked the weather, kept your calendar, and had a currency exchange app.

The Pedisedate

Okay this was actually practical. It was meant to distract kids while they were being anesthetized.

And Of Course, The King James Bible

In case you needed a bible quote on the go.


How many of these did you know about? How many did you have? Let us know in the comments on Facebook or by tweeting at us on Twitter!

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