10 Times Tim Curry Warped Our Minds

“Have you ever heard of Tim Curry?”

The answer to this question usually lies somewhere between: “No” and “In fact, I just updated my shrine to him, would you like to see?” Even if you’re on the side of not having heard of him, when he’s pointed out, you remember.

So, both for those people who have never heard of him and those who want to smell his hair, here is a list of every time Tim Curry warped our minds irreparably.

That Time Tim Curry Made The Clue Movie Even Weirder

Remember the full-length Clue movie, starring Eileen Brennan, Christopher Lloyd, and Tim Curry? Curry played Wadsworth, the butler.

Wadsworth plays a pivotal and absurd role in each of the three different endings (viewers saw them at random), but no matter which one you watch, you’re left wondering why they didn’t leave it as a board game.

That Time Tim Curry Played A Clown And It Ruined Us

The teeth, the voice, the eye contact - everything about Tim Curry as Pennywise in It is paralyzing. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Pennywise the clown is the pinnacle of every human’s nightmares, and it's Tim Curry’s fault. Thanks, Tim. Thanks a lot.

That Time He Gave Us Bedroom Eyes And It Shaped How We View Men Forever

Tim Curry’s role as the celebrity warlock/desire of every character over the age of 13 in The Worst Witch incepts the into the audience’s mind that Tim Curry may or may not be a sex symbol. It's pretty much a fact: he is the man you want and/or the man you want to be now.

That Time Tim Curry's Voice Became Our Nightmare

As with most voices from animated movies, we generally don’t find out whom they belong to until after the movie’s over. In the case of FernGully, we find out that Tim Curry was Hexxus, the oil cloud tree spirit that wants to murder the forest. Somehow we’re not surprised.

That Time Tim Curry Made Fluffy Inanimate Objects Seem Even More Alive

Tim Curry has been every cool thing we ever wanted to be growing up. So of course he's been a pirate. The difference between Tim Curry's Long John Silver and any other is that it's Muppet Treasure Island he lives in a world where the Muppet species is plentiful. That's at least 1000 percent better.

That Time Tim Curry Was Basically Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough is an adventurous, wildlife-oriented, proper and yet quirky British man whom I wish narrated every documentary. Curry's Nigel Thornberry of The Wild Thornberries fame is also all of those things. It's a little surprising that Tim Curry voiced a good guy, but it is fact.

That Time We Found Out Tim Curry Had A Full Music Career

Tim Curry released 3 albums in the 1970-80’s. His second album, Fearless was his most successful, and featured the song “I Do the Rock,” which may have been his most famous. Tim Curry: proving once again that he can do everything well... just a tad under the radar.

That Time Tim Curry Made Science the Sexiest Thing Ever

All Frank-N-Furter ever wanted was a man. With blond hair and a tan. Who’s good for relieving his… tensions. And what Tim Curry wants, Tim Curry gets. Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the most famous cult paradoxes of all time, and has been described by Curry himself as being “liberating sexually for audiences.” Anything goes over at the Frankenstein place, and playing God is no exception.

That Time Tim Curry Was A Squirrel Emperor And Did It Right

The kids’ show based on Sonic The Hedgehog held animals in high regard, as it should. The evil Robotnik did not ever do a wonderful job of ruling the planet Mobius, but thankfully Curry's King Acorn takes his rightful place as ruler. Yet another example of Tim Curry voicing a character who does only good in the face of evil.

That Time Tim Curry Looked Like a Melting Candle

There was a period in the 2000’s that Curry did a lot of voice work, but then all of a sudden he was playing a meth addict serial killer on Criminal Minds. Seeing him with those teeth and those eyes was almost as scarring as when Pennywise kept talking about children about how awesome floating is.

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