10 Stars Who Don't Seem To Age

Looks are everything in Hollywood. Many celebrities will do just about anything to keep looking the same year after year. Some have succeeded and many have failed. Blame it on good genes or a good doctor, but it seems some stars have found the fountain of youth. Here are ten stars that just don't seem to age.

10. Meryl Streep

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Meryl is not only a timeless talent, but a timeless beauty. As a big screen veteran, Meryl has dealt with intense Hollywood schedules and stress with elegance, grace, and a strict beauty regime.

9. Tom Cruise

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Tom Cruise has been considered a top celebrity for years. From his days as Maverick in Top Gun through his Oprah's couch debacle to his now single days, Tom Cruise has kept his trademark good guy look.


8. Pharrell Williams

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Make fun of his funny hat choices all you want, but music performer and producer, Pharrell can pull off any look thanks to his ageless appearance. Now we know why he constantly sings about being happy.

7. Paul Rudd

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It's hard to believe Paul Rudd is reaching his late forties. The "This is 40" star looks the same as he did on the set of "Clueless". Will he ever age? As if!

6. Jennifer Aniston

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This former Friends star has been heralded for her fantastic hairstyles (remember the infamous "Rachel" haircut?) and red carpet looks. From her former Central Perk days to her present baby bump glow, Jennifer Aniston is ready to wow the cameras for years to come.


5. Angelina Jolie

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Despite being the mother of a brood of children, a busy actress, and a relentless humanitarian, Angelina Jolie has stood the test of time. She looks just as gorgeous then as she does now. Maybe Brad Pitt has found the "Fountain of Youth" and shares it with his significant others (remember Jennifer Aniston?).

4. Keanu Reeves

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Canadian born actor, Keanu Reeves, is known for his roles in the "Matrix" trilogy. It looks like the black pill didn't just open his mind to reality, but also made him immortal.

3. Johnny Depp

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"Jack Sparrow" looks the same he did in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." Johnny Depp has portrayed many characters and went through many phases, but aging isn't one of them. His next movie role is planned to be a superhero. Which is fitting, because he seems to be immortal.


2. Halle Berry

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Halle Berry is a mystery. Her age says 47, but her looks say otherwise. Not only has Halle Berry not aged, but she still seems to live her life as a twenty-something. How many women are still having babies at 46? Isn't it ironic that she also portrays a character with super powers?

1. Mariah Carey

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Mariah is known for her epic vocal range and never aging appearance. Her young looks make her 11-year age difference with the younger Nick Cannon a little less awkward. Maybe age really is just a number? A number that doesn't mean a thing to Mariah Carey.

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