10 Possible Reasons Why Solange Knowles Hit Jay-Z

Last Monday, a leaked video from celebrity gossip website TMZ showed Solange lashing out all on Jay-Z at the Met Gala after party in New York's Standard Hotel. Since then, the two 'apparently' kissed and made up - but there's no still no word WHY this incident actually occurred. So here are 10 possible reasons why Bey's little sis bitch slapped Jay-Z into Orbit and back!

 1. Jay-Z split On Solange's Friends...


According to various celeb gossip sources, Solange's Friends used Jay-Z's name to access after parties - he wasn't having it - and she went into karate mode!

2. She Had One Too Many


Days after the leaked footage, Bonnie and Clyde of music STRONGLY denied that Solange was 'drunk' and 'out of it'. Judging by this picture, she looks more than out of it! If you accidentally stepped on her toes, she'll be out to get you too!

3..Or Maybe Jay-Z DID Step On Her Toes


Hey man, you only had to say sorry...it doesn't cost a thing!

 4. Tired Of Being In The Shadow...


Solange wants to be like her idol so bad, it hurts! Time after time, the hip-hop mogul has promised to boost the 27 year old singer/songwriter's career - but never got round to it. If Jay-Z wants to see Ivy Blue Carter's third birthday, he BETTER find the time -and quick!

 5. Money's Getting Tight...


Now that Jay-Z put her music career on hold, money ain't rolling in the bank account like it use to. Maybe she asked for $5 and he FLAT OUT refused. Jay-Z, you're a multi-millionaire - come on now, help a sister out!

6. Was It A Set-Up?


Since Solange is running into financial woes, maybe she struck a deal with one of the hotel staff to share the money for leaking the three-minute video. Apparently, the now ex-employee received $250,000 for the footage!

$125, 000 for kicking Jay-Z ass? Girl, you did good! That should take care of your debts!

7. Defending Big Sis


We all know that Jay-Z's no angel - he's a sucker for a sweet booty...and we all know that Solange is a BEAST when it comes to defending her big sister. If it was over some sweet booty, no wonder Beyonce didn't hold her back!

 8. Rachel Roy


Maybe Solange whooped Jay-Z's ass because he was spending too much time with designer Rachel Roy at the after party?



Now we all know the story behind that! No explanation needed here!

10. Rita Ora


A British reality TV star claimed Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce with pop star Rita Ora back in January. A Z-lister will say anything for a minute of fame - then again, Rita kinda looks like Rihanna on a budget.




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