10 Female Celebrities Who Make Us Want To Be Their Best Friends

Friendship can be a precarious thing. Girls and guys can sometimes be friends, but often it's just a breeding ground for undertones of sexual tension. As When Harry Met Sally reminds us, one eventually develops a crush on the other, maybe even blurts it out during a night on the town after one too many Crantinis, and the friendship turns awkward, never again regaining the easy going "I don't care what you think of my hair" freedom that was once shared.

Girl friendships can also be tricky. We've all navigated the choppy waters of "mean girl" territory, and over the years have probably lost and gained a few friends along the way, some not standing the test of time due to cattiness, double-talk, and selfish behaviour that never bodes well for long-term pals. But we also have those rocks, the gals in our life that we can turn to with anything - who will be the only ones to understand that our ex from six years ago calling to ask us out for coffee IS a big deal. Or that our cats ARE precious to us. They get it, and they don't judge. They celebrate our new jobs and they commiserate our break-ups.

Sometimes, we fantasize about what great girl friends a celeb would be. There's something in their manner, their don't-give-a-damn style. Their sense of humour or the characters they portray give off this air of awesome buddy potential. Below are ten female celebs doing adorable things that make us believe they have all the makings of a BFF.

10. Amy Schumer

She's filthy, fearless and she owns it.

9. Emma Watson

Down to earth, intelligent and ridiculously classy. If that smile wasn't so adorable we'd have to hate her for being perfect.

8. Emma Stone

She is consistently keeping it real in interviews and constantly making cute self-effacing jokes. Emma Stone has all the right sort of attitude.

7. Rebel Wilson

Where would we be without hilarious friends? Rebel is the funniest gal pal anyone could wish for.

6. Aubrey Plaza

Deadpan, sardonic, a real-life Daria. For those times when we just want to be real.

5. Khloe Kardashian

With her wild-child antics and often filthy sense of humour it's hard not to appreciate Khloe Kardashian; and we admire how she keeps it real amid the insanity that is her family.

4. Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham is so that weird BFF who'll never judge; she's been there, and she's been there worse than you. At least if her character in Girls is anything to go by.

3. Katy Perry

Katy's willingness to put it all out there in her relatable lyrics while rocking the craziest outfits makes us want to hug her and party with her all at once.

2. Jennifer Lawrence

J-Law is the friend we already have; she's become a real human being in the media, and refuses to put on a fake face in the limelight. Her ingenuous attitude is refreshing, and exactly what we need in a friend when we're feeling self-conscious.

1. Zooey Deschanel

The kooky-charms of Zooey on "New Girl," are a weekly glimpse into the awkward eternal teen we all still carry around inside ourselves, making Zooey seem super relatable. She's also a fantastic singer and a feminist. All great attributes in a bestie.

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