Warren Buffett Sells out of all of his Dollar Genereal Stock

Warren Buffett has for long been the most looked at investor in America and around the world. Some people mimic Buffett's porfolio to the mark. When Warren Buffett buys his stocks, America buys their stocks. When Warren Buffett sells his stocks, America Sells their stocks.

Warren Buffett recently sold out all of his stocks of Dollar General in order to acquire the company Deere and Co, the acclaimed manufactures of John Deere tractors. It was surprising to see Warren Buffett completely bail on his stocks from Dollar General in this economy. You would think that in a down economy people would be spending more time at the Dollar Store trying to get good deals.

When Buffett sold his Dollar General Stock in November of 2012, you can see a drastic drop from 50 Dollars a share to 44 Dollars a share in the matter of weeks.

This shouldn't be of too much concern though. Dollar General is now being traded at almost 49 Dollars a share. It was hit pretty hard by Buffett cashing out, but now it is almost right back to where it started.

You can see a fairly rapid growth in Dollar General in the last 3 years. In 2010 Dollar General was trading in the 20s and now has almost tripled. Even though Warren Buffet cashed out, Dollar General looks like a pretty safe investment for the near future.

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