Walt Disney Success

When you think about rich business success you immediately think of Apple, Google and Walt Disney. But when it comes to Disney however, the success was developed from one entrepreneur and his mouse which led to worldwide business success and a pot full of money.

Disney has long been one of the most successful business ventures dating back to the 1940's where cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto became household names and are still famous characters today.

4 The Greatest Profitable Constructions

It all began with a dream for Walt Disney and no one would have imagined how long this dream would last. In understanding Walt's success first look at the type of engineering jobs out in the world, it is clear to see that all in some way have set landmarks on a map through the skills involved and Walt used these skills to his advantage.

From project, design engineering to structural change these engineering jobs contribute to rich constructions. If you think about it, what constructions can you think of? The New York Subway system, the Dubai Canal or the Three Gorges Dam in China which took twenty thousand workers working around the clock to complete. But there is another construction that always sits firmly in your mind, the famous Sleeping Beauty castle, a castle that is displayed in all the Disney theme resorts and reaps success.

3 Where It All Began

Disneyland was the first of the Walt Disney Theme Parks to be constructed in Anaheim, California in 1955. This theme park has expanded over time and keeps including new rides and attractions to draw in the visitors.

The first of the Disneyland theme parks was completed in one year and the rendering and build was all overseen by Walt Disney himself. With the park being such a success Walt Disney immediately started planning the famous Florida theme park which began before 1964, but Walt Disney died in 1966 which postponed the build. This was later taken on by his brother who following Walt Disney’s dream carried on the desires and thinking that makes Disneyland so popular today.

2 The Richest Parks

Did you know that there are five Walt Disney theme parks and one due to open in 2014. Disneyland in Anaheim was the first constructed in 1955, complete with adventure park and luxurious hotels. Then came the famous Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando in Florida which opened in 1971 complete with shopping centres, adventure parks and water parks. Tokyo Disney was the first of the parks to open outside the USA followed by Disneyland Paris which opened to the public in 1992. In 2005 another park opened in Hong Kong covering over three hundred and twenty acres.

In 2014 the Shanghai Disneyland Park is due to open, adding another great theme park to the already booming rich list of family parks that Walt Disney dreamed of.

1 The Disney Success

You have to wonder what made the Walt Disney brand so famous and why all their parks are such a success story. Originally, theme parks were looked upon as dirty and short lived, which got Walt Disney thinking what could he create that would be so different. He wanted to build a family park that offered excitement, fun and bring communities together. For Walt Disney he wanted the life he had with his children to grow with others, as he saw that the joy that magic brings one family could be spread to all.

His dreams, his ideas do live forever, and parks will never stop being created. When you take a look back in history, the success of these parks all started from one thing; it all started with a mouse called Mickey Mouse.

The Walt Disney brand is about family fun that offers a whole world of excitement and activities, a place where families can go on holiday in a fantasy city and enjoy time together. This is what the Disneyland theme parks were built on and what has made them such a success today.

Author: Jenny Beswick is an animation fan who loves creativity, she is thankful these parks were engineered and built for success by one rich brand; The Walt Disney Company.

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