Top Wealthiest CEO's in the World

To earn the title of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in any company is a difficult task. You usually need to have an established reputation within the business community and need to be able to be

To earn the title of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in any company is a difficult task. You usually need to have an established reputation within the business community and need to be able to be a solid leader. The qualities you find in a CEO aren't always like those found in former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, yet you need to be able to make your company a community your employees want to be a part of.

 The job is not one that can be completed by just any person, as it is something you need to devote your life to. Being a CEO of a major company does have its perks though. Aside from your pay – which is usually enough for most – you will get stock options, company vehicles, private jets, and more.

 Who are the top 10 wealthiest CEO's in the world for 2013?


10 10.John C. Martin, Gilead Sciences, $43.2 million

Gilead is one of the most valuable independent biotech companies in the world and has reached that success under the guidance and leadership of Martin. The company produces Altripla, the most prescribed HIV treatment in America. Since producing the most popular HIV treatment on the market, Gilead Sciences has seen its stock go from as little as $16 per share to more than $47. As long as they can continue to produce Altripla and other medical supplies, Martin will appear on this list and the company should continue to add more to their bottom line.


9 9.Clarence P. Cazalot Jr., Marathon Oil, $43.7 million

Marathon Oil has been led by Cazalot Jr. since 2002, and this leader has also been the chairman since 2011. The company has had their share of stock problems in the past five years, watching each share drop from as high as $55 in 2008 to as low as $21 in 2009 before getting back to $54 in 2011. The company has since seen its stock price drop to around $32 a share, but Cazalot can still rave about the more than $43 million he brought in last year.


8 Stephen Hemsley, UnitedHealth Group, $48.8 million

Hemsley has been the CEO of UnitedHealth Group since 2006 when the former CEO was forced to step down amid allegations of backdating stock options. Hemsley has helped turn the company image around and has helped guide it to the Fortune 500 list in the United States. The company helps to serve more than 70 million individuals in the U.S.


7 7.Jeffery H. Boyd,, $50.2 million

The Internet boom may have died off, but there are still numerous websites that continue to bring in scores of money. In the case of, not only has the hotel, airfare, and rental car company taken the title as one of the premiere websites for travel-goers, their CEO has made a good living for himself. The company is headquartered in Norwalk, Conn. and is known for its commercials featuring William Shatner.


6 George Paz, Express Scripts, $51.5 million

A Fortune 500 company and one of the largest pharmacy benefit management companies in the United States; Express Scripts was founded in 1986. Paz also serves as the president of the company and scored a salary of more than $51 million a year ago. The company has seen some hardships over the years, including having to pay more than $10 million to the government for allegedly distributing human growth hormones to athletes.


5 5.David Cote, Honeywell, $55.8 million

Honeywell is a company that was founded in 1906 and has found a way to stay at the top on the market in different areas, including commercial and consumer products, aerospace systems, and engineering services. Cote has been the chairman and CEO since 2002 and brought in close to $56 million a year ago. As the head of company, Cote has watched its stock go from as little as $21 per stock in 2003 to about $73 in 2013.


4 4.Richard Kinder, Kinder Morgan, $60.9 million

Kinder makes this list despite earning just $1 for his annual salary during the year. The former Army captain was president of Enron before stepping down from that post in 1996. He began a working relationship with friend William Morgan, and the duo created Kinder Morgan. The pipeline company continues to grow and recently added 80,000 miles of pipelines from the El Paso Corporation. The Kinder Morgan stock that once sat at about $60 per share five years ago is currently in the $90 range.


3 3.Michael Fascitelli, Vornado Realty, $64.4 million

Fascitelli has been the CEO at Vornado Realty for more than four years and is bringing home a healthy paycheck. He took over for Steven Roth and is doing an excellent job of handling the company that owns more than 100 million square feet of office space in the nation's capital, Washington, D.C., and New York City. This will be the last time he can appear on this list, as he is stepping down from his post after spending 16 years with the company.


2 Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Clothing, $66.7 million

This fashion icon, who has done his part in revolutionizing the way clothes look, made his share of extra income last year. The native of the Bronx, New York, began the business in 1976 with just $50,000 and has expanded the operation to also include selling shoes, jewelry, home goods, and fragrances. In the past five years, the Ralph Lauren stock (NYSE:RL) has seen its stock rise from about $60 each share to nearly $170 each share.


1 John Hammergren, McKesson Corporation, $131.2 million

Hammergren, the CEO of McKesson, has held his position for 13 years and has made a good living doing so. He did not get a pay raise from the previous year, but the bulk of his extra income came from cashing out his stock options. In the past five years, the medical supply company has seen its stock (NYSE:MCK) go from about $52 per share to its current value nearing $110 per share.

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Top Wealthiest CEO's in the World