Top 10 Outsourcing Companies in India

Today many companies are using outsourcing to increase the strength and flexibility of their business. BPO(Business Process Outsourcing ) contributes in increasing the flexibility of the companies by giving them more time to focus on their core competencies. BPO is a growing business in India as it costs less than some other BPO markets. India is the largest BPO industry with a $20 billion BPO-space. So here is the list of the top BPO companies in India.

8 Firstsource Solutions Ltd

Firstsource is a leader in global business outsourcing. The company is located in Maharashtra Mumbai. Firstsource spread its market across India, US, Ireland, Philippines and the UK. With its large market the company managed to have a turnover of $138 million with 26000 employees.


HCL BPO provides services in finance, accounting, supply chain management, and human resource. Its head quarters are in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. HCL started its operations in 2003 and it has grown to a turnover of up to $200 million.

6 Aditya Birla Minacs

Aditya Birla Minacs is a business processing service provider and a subsidiary of Aditya Birla Corp. It has head quarters in  Bangalore India, Toronto Canada, and in Farmington Hills Detroit. The company started its operations in 2007 and in six years the company has put up a turnover of $438 million while adding 21000 employees.

5 Infosys BPO Limited

Infosys BPO is a fully owned subsidiary of Infosys Limited. The BPO is giving good results for Infosys since its opening. The company is growing at a fast speed with annual revenues of about $470 million. Infosys BPO has about 24,634 employees  and its corporate offices are in Bangalore Karnataka.

4 Wipro

Wipro BPO delivers strategic business outsourcing services and solutions to improve service levels. Wipro’s business contributes around 8.5% to the company’s total IT services revenue of over $5 billion. With 21000 employees and annual revenues of $490 million, Wipro BPO stands at the 6th position.

3 WNS Global Services

WNS Global Services is a global outsourcing service provider company head quartered in Maharashtra Mumbai. WNS provides services more than 200 global and local clients. With its excellent services WNS generates annual revenues of about $616 million by collaborating with its 25000 employees.

Aegis Limited is a global business outsourcing provider company with a turnover of $700 million. The company has a vast BPO business empire across 11 countries. Aegis is currently operated in India from its corporate offices in Maharashtra Mumbai. Aegis currently employes more than 55000 people.

3. Serco Global Services Ltd

Serco Global Services is a large global business outsourcing provider company. Serco has about 60,000 professionals working across America, Europe, UK, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The corporate offices are in Gurgaon Haryana India. The turnover of the company is about $1 billion globally.

2 Tata Consultancy Services BPO

Tata Consultancy Services BPO is a fully owned subsidiary of the Tata Group. The BPO company of TCS achieved a new landmark by crossing the $1 billion mark for its annual revenues. TCS BPO is the second after Genpact to cross this mark. TCS BPO has 34000 working professionals. It experienced a growth of 14% last year and contributed to 11% to the total revenues of TCS.

1 Genpact Limited

Genpact is a business processing and technology management company which mainly deals with outsourcing and technology services. Genpact is the largest BPO company in India with a population of 65000 employees working, and a turnover of about $1.5 billion, which is highest by any Indian company. The company started its operations in India in 1997.

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