Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Brands

Celebrities are popular and well followed by consumers. Thus, marketers tend to instantly enlist bankable celebrities to pitch their particular products. A celebrity with a positive and credible image

Celebrities are popular and well followed by consumers. Thus, marketers tend to instantly enlist bankable celebrities to pitch their particular products. A celebrity with a positive and credible image can help capture consumers’ attention to a brand so that his ideal attributes could be linked and related to the product.

Without a doubt, celebrity branding is a significant game of money and power. Effectiveness of celebrity brands may not solely depend on the popularity personalities. In many cases, less popular celebrities become more identified with the brands they promote. Marketing experts think the celebrity has to be identified with specific attributes that could be easily related to a brand to ensure successful celebrity branding.

Not all celebrities could be ideal brand ambassadors. There should be obvious power to sell a brand. Marketers should carefully study consumers’ perceptions before celebrities are hired to link with a brand. A celebrity should also be identified with a brand for quite some time before consumers easily associate the two.

Here are the top 10 most successful celebrity brands of this generation. Take note that most of these icons could easily be associated with the brands and products they endorse or sell.

10 Tiger Woods

For many years, Tiger Woods enjoyed the limelight of being one of the most successful and popular professional golfers. In his prime, Woods was considered as the most marketable sports figure. That is why he has signed branding deals with many high-profile brands like Titlist, Gatorade, General Motors, Gillette, and Nike. However, there is a current debate on the effectiveness of his personal brand following his involvement in a personal scandal involving his ex-wife. His performance as an athlete is also spiraling down.

9 David Beckham

In this generation, it would be difficult to find any person who does not know David Beckham. He is considered a living legend in soccer. He has gained massive popularity worldwide that he has been an effective and sought-after endorser and spokesman for many products and brands. He is the top choice for celebrity branding by clothing designers, hair stylists, recreation companies, spa resorts, fashion magazines, perfume and cosmetics makers, and health and fitness promoters. Yes, he could be considered as the hottest man in the world of marketing today.

8 Jennifer Lopez

More popularly known as JLo, she made her own mark as a singer and later on as an actress. She was a popular celebrity in her own right before she launched her very own line of clothing and perfume. She also opened her own restaurant and eventually founded her own TV production firm. Consumers could easily assert that JLo is a brand on her own.

7 Martha Stewart

For many years now, Martha Stewart has been working so hard to become a household name. She built her own empire through re-inventing the way people should do cooking, decorating, and crafting. She has released her own magazines, books, and TV shows that supported her own branded retail merchandise. Marketing experts think she hit it right when she targeted women, particularly homemakers who are more concerned about how to effectively do basic house chores.

6 Miley Cyrus

The former Walt Disney princess, Miley Cyrus, may have a hard time emerging out from the shadows of her Hannah Montana character. She gained an advantage when that hit teen TV show shot up into a full franchise. It paved the way for the release of Hannah Montana merchandise line that used her image on lip gloss, t-shirts, backpacks, and other items. Hannah Montana also launched music albums, full-length movies, and concert tours. As part of her role, she served as Daisy Rock Guitars spokesperson.

5 Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is so far the most successful African-American supermodel of all time. After giving up her role as a model for Victoria’s Secret, she decided to pursue her own niche. She created, produced, and hosted the controversial reality TV show America’s Next Top Model. She also had her own talkshow, The Tyra Banks Show. As part of her personal advocacy, she founded TZONE, an organization that aims to help girls especially those from low-income families.

4 Paris Hilton

You may agree that Paris Hilton is everywhere. Some people could just be so lucky to have it all. Aside from being a hotel heiress, she is a socialite, a media personality, a model, a recording artist, a book author, and an actress all rolled into one. She may not look bright but she is wise enough to successfully expand her presence into fashion, fragrance, and accessory design. She has her own line of clothing and perfumes.

3 Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen began her career as a standup comedien. She eventually got into TV sitcoms and movies. Her biggest endeavor is as a host of the highly talked about talkshow The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which she also produces. After trying to be a popular animated movie voice for Walt Disney’s Finding Nemo, she agreed to become a spokesperson for Cover Girl cosmetics and American Express. She also tried out being a resident judge for American Idol but just for one season.

2 Donald Trump

Donald Trump and his businesses are considered as among the most successful ventures in this era. The popular tycoon owns popular properties like Trump Hotel Las Vegas, Trump Park Avenue, and Trump World Tower. He also oversees over 30 licensing projects worldwide. Of course, it is common knowledge that he owns the rights to the annual Miss Universe and the hit TV reality shows The Apprentice and its spinoff The Celebrity Apprentice.

1 Oprah Winfrey

Oprah has successfully built her multi-billion-dollar empire through her stint as the producer and host of ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show.’ Through that show, she has been able to reach out not just to women in the U.S. but to people from around the world. For many times now, she has been declared the most influential woman in the world. As expected, she is the most marketable celebrity brand. She has her own book club, magazine, charitable foundation, and multimedia businesses, which include her own Oprah Winfrey Network.

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Top 10 Most Successful Celebrity Brands