Things That Rich People Do Before Conducting Business Deals

You probably see the life of company executives enjoying a lot of things, and obviously having the time of their lives. We often see them in movies or TV series, sipping whiskey or brandy as they get

You probably see the life of company executives enjoying a lot of things, and obviously having the time of their lives. We often see them in movies or TV series, sipping whiskey or brandy as they get down to business, seated at the hardwood table in large conference rooms. However, have you ever wondered what things these executives really do before conducting business deals? Here’s a little glimpse of the executive life.

6 Play Golf

There is often a misconception with regard to golf. Some think that it is boring, and others think that only business people play it. However, playing golf is one of most common sports that businessmen play because it can be played by just about any person of any age. Other sports are also fun, but a 55-year-old executive won’t be shooting hoops with you.

This is the game of choice of most businessmen because they can actually talk and socialize while playing. There is plenty of time to talk, sell your idea, and know your partners even more. Playing actual golf only takes about a quarter (or less) of your total golfing time; all the rest is actually socializing.

Most people say that handling businesses require an executive to know others. Golfing allows players to remain calm under pressure, to not lose their temper and to think strategically. If you think about it, these attitudes are what businessmen actually need. It’s also easy to cheat during a golf game, so it is also a test of one’s honesty.

5 Drink Wine or Having Drinks

Drinking over business is a great way to talk to business partners in a more informal and relaxed environment. A lot of businessmen feel that drinking builds camaraderie, and actually enables a more honest communication between parties.

There are many bars and venues that are specifically tailored to business executives and professionals to drink with their colleagues or with future business partners. A couple of drinks can be a great icebreaker to get the conversation rolling. Likewise, a good choice of wine could also spark interest between businessmen, and can surely work in your favor when conducting a business deal.

Drinking wine or having drinks is popular before conducting business deals because it loosens inhibitions. Through drinking, businessmen get to gauge the ones they are dealing with even better, ensuring that they make the best deal for the benefit of their respective businesses.

4 Throw Parties – With or Without Escorts

Throwing parties is very common among the business industry. Rubbing elbows with CEO's of various companies is generally what most business owners and businessmen want, in order to secure a good business deal.

Knowing what the other party likes or wants is the key to making parties successful. Typically, the rich businessmen would scout for what the others like doing, and throw a party in their favor with all their ‘researched’ favorite things. They bond, they talk business, and they strike a deal.

However, throwing escort parties might be a little too overboard, but there are actually some businessmen who like attending them and throwing them. Recently, the Italian tycoon Silvio Berlusconi admitted to inviting escort girls to parties to ‘boost his moral’. He brought girls to dinners across the table from him to help him life up his morale.

Throwing parties, with or without escort girls, is actually a great way to win another company’s favor. Good food always bonds people together, and it is the same with businesses. Great food, good entertainment, whether legit or not, and a good conversation surely helps businessmen to close their deals.

3 Eat at Expensive Restaurants

Conference rooms tend to be too formal. Restaurants, on the other hand, give a more laidback setting, but not really informal. Enjoying business conversations over a plate of some juicy medium-rare steak can definitely help businessmen strike better deals.

However, eating at expensive restaurants do more than just enjoy the food. There are some executives who gauge potential business partners with their choice of food, their choice of wine, and their choice of dessert. Likewise, make sure to put your best foot forward, as some also check out proper etiquette when eating in fancy restaurants.

Expensive restaurants really make great food, but a lot of business people use it to their advantage. Aside from providing a great ambiance for discussing business and partnerships, it’s also a way to build camaraderie through food. After all, the way to a man’s heart is always through his stomach.

2 Workout

Believe it or not, there are some businessmen who work out with executives of other companies just to get to know them better or to close business partnerships and deals. It’s a more informal setting that allows executives to talk freely, whether about business or personal lives. It’s also a fun way to bond with others, especially if you are trying to win a multi-million dollar contract.

Just recently, the chief executives of Verizon and Vodafone in the U.S. closed a $30 billion deal because they actually talked during their workouts. They had a brief conversation while on the exercise bicycle, and priced the project over breakfast.

So the next time you workout in your gym, take a quick look – there might be other executives who are discussing business deals and strategies while running on the treadmill.

1 Travelling

There are some business people who actually like to travel with their potential business partners before closing deals. It allows them to communicate with each other, and really get to know the other person even more. Most think that this is especially helpful because you certainly do not know a person fully until you have spent 24 hours with him or her. By travelling, it is a way to gauge a person’s capabilities and assets.

There are some business executives who actually play hard-to-get when it comes to big business deals. Some go out of the country or out of town. If a potential exerts efforts to actually reaching out and travelling to where that executive is, he has a really big chance of closing a deal.

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Things That Rich People Do Before Conducting Business Deals