The Top Ten Most Elite Airlines

We all have been through a plane ride from hell. From the co-passenger who would not shut up to that first-timer who filled up a barf bag, or to that insensitive guy in front who reclines the chair all the way down to your knees as if he wants you to give him a shave, or that stupid kid behind you who would not stop kicking your chair. There are also countless stories of airline food that rivals hospital food, or flight attendants who do everything but attend to your needs.

Maybe you are just in the wrong airline. There are some who can provide you with some of the most luxurious accommodations similar to that of a five-star hotel. Below is a list of the top ten most elite airlines in the world.

10 British Airways

At British Airways, you get taken cared of even before you take off. Its elegant lounges at the terminal offer those in the evening and late night flights a sumptuous dinner, thereby ensuring that you get to sleep inside the aircraft. It also has first class demi cabins that include workspaces, dens and spacious areas for rest and sleep. It has flat beds measuring 78 inches long. It also offers Molton Brown Travel Spa. And of course, the airline has always been known for it’s a la carte menu.


9 Cathay Pacific Airways Limited

It may not be that popular in the United States, but Cathay Pacific certainly provides luxurious accommodations in its aircrafts. The airline offers Elemis amenity kits and sleepwear that was designed by Shanghai Tang. Passengers also get several options for their audio and video entertainment. It also provides a five-course meal for long haul flights.


8 Emirates

It does not matter what your entertainment preference is, what your favorite kinds of shows are, and what genres you want. Emirates airline surely has it all for you. With their entertainment system offering 500 channels, there will definitely be something for you. And you if want to get away from it all, you can…even inside an aircraft. The airline offers private cabins with doors to ensure that you are by your lonesome. Plans are afoot to equip these private cabins with their own respective showers and dressing area.


7 Eos Airlines

A Boeing 757 aircraft can accommodate up to 220 passengers. Eos Airlines reconfigured it so that only 48 passengers can get on board. You can just imagine the amount of space and room that each passenger would have. Actually, each one gets around 21 square feet of space, which is probably the size of a small studio in Manhattan. You can also save a lot of time in departure, as you only need to check in 45 minutes before take off. The airline’s escort will take care of you and will escort you past security. And if you are still not satisfied, the airline has a satisfaction guarantee, or you get your money back.


6 Japan Airlines

The airline has a Skysleeper Solo, a chair with a configuration similar to a flat bed. It features leather upholstery from the renowned sofa manufacturer Poltrona Frau. The seats have built in massage features, adjustable headrests, side cushions, down pillows and comforters. The airline’s chefs, who will let you choose between Western-style meals or healthy Japanese cuisine, will also fill your tummy.


5 Lufthansa Airlines

When in Germany, make sure to fly Lufthansa especially in Frankfurt. The airline has its own terminal in the city. Once on board, first class passengers can have their fill of audio, video and games to entertain them through the Lufthansa Media World. The privacy screens between the seats are adjustable and passengers are provided a generous room to stretch. How generous? How about sleeper seats spaced 92 inches apart that also extend 78 inches? For your meals and drinks, Lufthansa chefs and sommeliers make it a point to continuously update the airline’s cuisine and wine choices.


4 Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines’ aircrafts offer 12 SkySuites in first class. Their seats are made of Connolly leather. The airline has a Book the Cook feature that allows you to choose your meals ahead of time. You can have Dom Perignon to wash your food down, Bulgari toiletry kits to wash up, and Givenchy sleeper suits to relax afterwards. Just a great way to fly.


3 Swiss International Airlines

This airline has a solid reputation for efficiency and courtesy. It offers luxuries such as Sprungli chocolates and La Prairie toiletries. You can also do some duty free shopping while on board the aircraft. Dinner can range from a simple light meal to one that offers seven courses. There is also a video monitor that allows you to see the flight data, like air speed, distance flown and distance left to be covered. There are also a couple of cameras on board that will allow you to see what is happening in front and below the aircraft.


2 Thai Airways International

There is a Thai word called sabai, and it means a healthy mind and a healthy body. Thai Airways make sure you get both, as it is known for serving some of the best meals in the airline industry. Free Dom Perignon and La Grande Dam complement this. You can also do some duty free shopping on board. And as if these were not enough, you can also get limousine service upon arrival at your destination.


1 Virgin Atlantic

Spoil yourself rotten when you fly Virgin Atlantic. The airline offers spacious beds that can be converted right out of the passenger’s seats.  Overnight flights on its first class, or upper class, feature dimmed lights and minimal distractions, in what the airline calls a Snooze Zone. This was specially created for those who just want to have a good night’s rest while traveling thousands of miles in the air. Passengers can also avail of in flight massage service. There is also a bar on board, and meals can also be served on demand.

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