The Top 10 Best Companies to Work For in 2013

What will make an employee happy? The obvious answer is to have a high salary that is enhanced with great benefits. An employee’s happiness can also be derived from the career opportunities that a company may provide, as well as the balance between work and life that it affords. Aside from that, having inspiring senior management can also help. It would not hurt if the company espouses values that are in consonance to that of the employees, and if it promotes a culture that is to the employee’s benefit.

It is a demanding list, but some companies do offer their employees all these workplace considerations. These factors make them the top ten best companies to work for in 2013.

10 Facebook

Who isn’t on Facebook? Practically everyone in this world is connected to each other because of this social media platform. But the luckiest of them all are the people IN Facebook. While other companies would block the use of social media sites in their offices, Facebook’s employees are actually required to be always logged in. They also have a laidback culture and some great benefits. You can go on paid vacations, you are entitled to free food and transportation, day care services are reimbursed, new parents are given $4,000 in cash to help with the baby, and even services for photo processing and dry cleaning are free. Plus, you get to work for a company that serves more than a billion people.

9 McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting company that employs more than 9,000 consultants in 101 locations around the world. The company tries to enlist only the best of the best, as leadership potential, integrity, analytical mind, creativity and flexibility in dealing with different kinds of people are just some of the requirements for a job with the company. In return, employees are given great opportunities for growth, as they get to interact regularly with top executives and senior managers, as well as maintain contact with colleagues from different parts of the world.

8 Riverbed Technology

Riverbed Technology is a technology firm based in San Francisco. The company is known to be a fast-growing one in the industry, making it an exciting place to work in. Its employees have commended the style of its management, with even the most senior of managers committed to transparency. Riverbed also hosts regular events that are filled with fun and that encourage involvement of the employee’s family.

7 Bain & Company

If you are aiming for growth in your career, then Bain & Company may be the place for you. The company allows its employees to learn the fundamentals of business and to think strategically, albeit logically. The company has a great client base and its managers provide excellent mentoring for its staff. The culture may be hard driving, but still remains fun. Teamwork is encouraged, and those who rise through the ranks are expected to pass on their knowledge to new employees.

6 MD Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center offers tremendous benefits for its employees. Tuition is reimbursed and its employees can use a gym with state of the art equipment for free. The center also offers an academic environment. With the large number of researchers in the center, opportunities to learn abound as employees can collaborate with experts coming from different fields.

5 Google

It used to be number one on the list. While Google has gone down the standings, the work environment it provides is still one of the best. Employees are entitled to free food the whole day, free drinks, membership in gym clubs, and a whole lot of other benefits. Compensation is also way above average. The drawback is that the company has gotten so large that employees are starting to feel that they actually work for a giant company rather than the relaxed atmosphere it provided in previous years.

4 Edelman

The company provides a tremendous working culture and environment. It also provides its employees a great balance for his work and life. Creativity and diversity are encouraged, and managers listen to employees with new ideas, instead of just shooting them down with an immediate no. The bottom line is to get things done, and if you prove that you can walk the walk, Edelman’s managers will always remain supportive.

3 National Instruments

National Instruments do not offer free meals and free gym memberships. They also do not have the highest salaries in the business. What they do have is a compassion for its employees rarely seen in large companies. When the economy hit rock bottom during the recession, National Instruments did not lay off its employees like the others. Instead, they drew on the cash that they had earned and saved for a rainy day, and when the rainy day came, its employees were the first to benefit. An easygoing culture and a good work life balance complement this excellent move by management for its employees.

2 In N Out

What more can an employee ask for? In N Out Burger offers free burgers with French fries for your lunch break. It offers a nice working environment anchored on teamwork. Training is regularly provided for all aspects of the job. As a matter of fact, if there is a task that you want to be trained on, management will immediately send out someone to help you learn the ropes. The company is also very generous with regards an employee’s working hours. Just inform management if you want to add shifts to your duty or if you need to take a day off, and they will find a way to accommodate your requests.

1 Boston Consulting Group

At the Boston Consulting Group, employees are exposed to actual and real life problems encountered by some of the biggest companies in the world. If that does not provide you with great training, nothing will ever will. You also get to work with smart co-employees, and the contacts you will develop will give you a chance for better opportunities in the future.

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