The Perks of Working at Google

How great would it be to work at Google. You get to be part of an organization that is known throughout the world as an innovator and market leader. And their innovativeness and leadership are not limited to the products and services it offers. Google has ensured that its employees enjoy all kinds of benefits that those in other companies can just dream of.

Here are some of the perks of working at Google.

1. The meals and snacks are all free. The cafeterias feature gourmet chefs that create healthy and delicious meals everyday.

2. There is a barbershop available in the office.

3. Google offers a 2k employee referral program.

4. New parents can reimburse up to $500 in takeout food.

5. Rest and recreation can be done in the office. There is a billiard table, rock climbing wall, swimming pool, beach volleyball area, video games, Foosball, table tennis equipment and roller hockey facilities.

6. Employees are allowed to bring their pets to the office.

7. Washers and dryers are available in the office. Even the detergents are for free. For those who need dry cleaning, that service is also available within the premises.

8. Decompression capsules are available for employees who want to relieve their stress. These capsules have been designed so that it would be impermeable to light and sound.

9. Employees can make use of motorized scooters to move from one part of Google’s sprawling area to another.

10. Shuttles are available to help transport employees to and from the office. These shuttles offer free Wi-Fi services.

11. You can have your car’s oil changed regularly for free in the office.

12. Car wash is also available for all car owners.

13. A modern, well equipped and state-of-the-art gym is available for free.

14. Employees can enroll in exercise classes for free.

15. Google’s mobile library offers the latest collection in books, magazines and other publications for free to its employees.

16. Employees wanting to learn a new language may enroll for fee in classes in Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish and French.

17. Private cabin areas are available in each and every floor for employees to be able to attend to their own private affairs.

18. For further relaxation, there are self-controlled massage chairs available. Aquariums are positioned strategically in front of these massage chairs to help the user achieve a tranquil state.

19. A professional masseuse is available within the premises that employees can visit anytime.

20. Saunas are available within the office.

21. Google regularly brings its employees on company outings, such as ski trips, movie days, and summer picnics.

22. Halloween and the holidays are celebrated with company parties.

23. Employees can take advantage of a credit union.

24. Google offers discounts to its employees for a variety of products and local attractions.

25. The underground parking is free, but if the employee is in a real hurry, or if there are simply no more parking spots left, a valet service is available for free. The valet will just bring your keys to you later in the day once the car has been properly parked.

26. It is obvious that Google is not just your average company where you work inside a cube farm. The company’s decors are simply magical that some employees have described it like being inside the legendary toy company FAO Schwarz.

27. The buildings’ designs are simply something else. The newest building features a nautical theme, and the makers of the building somehow managed to get actual boats inside the office building. The boats, which look like gondolas, have leather bench seats. Employees can therefore have impromptu meetings or work while on a boat.

28. A full time doctor is available for Google’s employees.

29. Employees are provided with prayer rooms, regardless of faith.

30. There is a handsome dog park available for employees who bring along their pet dogs. The park even features hydrants painted in the Google colors, which dogs can then relieve on.

31. New mothers are given access to private breastfeeding rooms

32. Owners of electric cars are given their own special spots.

33. There are several roaring fireplaces where employees can relax and banter while sitting in extremely comfortable couches.

34. Employees can also make use of a photo booth for free.

35. Bike riders are provided with their own cage that has its own tool bench and air compressor.

36. There are hammocks and bean bags for employees to get comfortable on.

37. Video game rooms featuring consoles from Xbox and Nintendo Wii are available. Employees can choose from a thousand game titles.

38. There is a music studio, which it calls the Soundgarden, on top of one of its buildings. There are two rooms in the soundproofed studio. The first one has a couple of electric guitars, bass, keyboard, drum set, jam hub and amps. The second one has a jazz guitar and a ukulele.

39. Google once set up a casino in its cafeteria. The casino served as a practice night in preparation for a Las Vegas trip for its employees.

40. There is an all-hands meeting every Friday where employees can ask the founders and top officers of Google just about anything. Beer and wine are free flowing during these meetings.

41. Employees are given random gifts from time to time. There was a time when everyone got a Firesword, which is essentially a really bright flashlight costing $400.

42. Holiday bonus and holiday gifts are a regular thing. Android phones have actually been given away to all of its employees.

43. Google will take care of an employee’s family in the event that the employee passes away. The company has undertaken to give the surviving spouse or domestic partner a check worth 50 percent of the employee’s salary every month for the next ten years. This benefit has no tenure requirement.

44. Related to number 43, surviving partners will see all stocks vested immediately.

45. Still related to number 43, any child of a deceased employee will get a stipend of $1,000 until the age of 19. This can be extended by four years if the child is a full time student.

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