The Best American Cities for Aspiring Musicians

A lot of kids dream of becoming a rock star. Fewer manage to keep that dream alive into adulthood. There are many things that go into getting big music industry, but it is a goal that can be accomplis

A lot of kids dream of becoming a rock star. Fewer manage to keep that dream alive into adulthood. There are many things that go into getting big music industry, but it is a goal that can be accomplished. A lot of hard work, persistence, and determination can help an individual become well-known in the music industry and create a career around their musical abilities. Whether one wants to be a touring musician, music producer, or studio musician, there are certain things that every aspirant must know about the music industry. There are things that an individual can stack in their favor that will make it more likely for them to find success in the music industry.

A huge part of making in the music industry is in developing the connections an individual is can, and should, make. Someone trying to make it in the music industry needs to constantly network with others who are in the music industry. This makes it much more likely that an individual will be successful. As the old saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. By gaining connections, one can find potential jobs, labels that are willing to sign new acts, new venues at which to play, or photographers who will take pictures for free. Having connections in any industry is very important, but it is crucial in the music industry.

Where you live has a lot to do with the kinds of connections that you will make. Simply put, in a city where there are no music venues, recording studios, or record labels, one is going to have a much harder time making the kinds of connections that lead to lasting success. Yes you can make these connections online, but they will not be as powerful as relationships forged through real life interaction. For the musician looking to create a career on their talent, here are some of the cities that are the best for aspiring musicians that want to make it big in the music industry.

5 Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City Utah has just recently become a music industry hub, with many chart-toppers owing their success to playing in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area. Big names like Imagine Dragons and Neon Trees are a couple of the bands who have gotten big after starting in Salt Lake City. The emphasis on the arts in Utah is very high, making it a great idea to start making music in Utah, as well as to book shows in town. There are multiple cities in Utah that are based around colleges, making it easy to get a Fanbase in the 18 to 24 demographic.

Salt Lake City is particularly good for those trying to make it big in the indie, folk, or alternative subgenres, but not the greatest for electronic musicians, hip-hop artists, or pop singers. If you're a band that is looking to create folk music, indie rock, or alternative rock, Salt Lake City is a solid base from which to ply your trade.

4 Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is the party capital of America. For those who are looking to make it big in electronic music, Miami is one of the best places that you can be. For DJs, music producers, and even rappers, Miami offers a hub for many clubs and events in which this music thrives. For those looking to be a club DJ, there's almost no better place in the United States to pursue a career. Electronic musicians and DJs can also tap into the network of promotion companies and record labels that are based out of Miami.

Winter music conference, held every spring in Miami, is also a great hub for electronic musicians. This is where the world's biggest record labels, producers, promotion companies, and magazines in electronic music come to play shows, discuss new releases, and have a generally great time. It can be a great place for electronic musicians and DJs to network within their genre, and is the place where many great producers - like Thomas Bangatler from Daft Punk - have made big industry moves.

3 New York City, New York

If you're a rapper who is looking to get big in the rap industry, there are few places better than New York City, with many prominent labels calling the city home. Prospective artists can make huge connections in the Big Apple, with many of the biggest offices - like Universal, Atlantic, and Interscope - based in town. If an individual is looking to get internships to work within the music industry, New York City is a good place to start looking.

New York City is also a great place for those who prefer the theatre. Any singer would dream of singing on Broadway, making New York (and particularly the area near Broadway) a solid place to start building connections. To top it off, New York City is also a great place for those who want to make it in R&B, classical music, and jazz. New York City has been a hub for music for some time, and it continues to hold a place of prominence in the music industry.

2 Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee has been one of the centers of music for much of America's history, by far the place you want to be if you want to make it in the country music biz. Nashville has the best record labels, promotion companies, and venues for those in the country music industry, virtually the entire apparatus of that genre of music calling that city home. There simply is no better place for an aspiring musician who wants to be a country singer.

There’s also always the potential for artists to make it into the mainstream. Taylor Swift, although she is still often considered a country singer, has broken into the pop singing world very successfully. She started in Nashville Tennessee, but has since become a worldwide supserstar recording artist.

Nashville Tennessee is also a great place to live if you're trying to make it big in rock music. One of the most famous rock bands of recent years, Paramore, started right outside of Nashville Tennessee. The city has such a huge number of venues, promotion companies, record labels, and fans that artists need to make it in the music world. The city would be a great move for aspiring musicians, and especially for someone that wants to make it big in country music.

1 Los Angeles, California

We've saved the best for last. This is the city that really is the number one place in America for anyone looking to be signed by a record label. LA is not only where actors go to make it in the pictures, but the place where musicians should go to get their foot in the door in the most significant entertainment city, arguably, in the world. Rock bands, rappers, country musicians, DJs, rock musicians, and classical musicians all go to the city of angels to try and make it big in the American music industry.

Los Angeles offers a fast-paced lifestyle, and competition is fierce. A struggling musician may have to work two jobs in addition to working on their music. What’s more, cost of living is quite high in LA. Because of the complications artists can face in going to Los Angeles, the move should only be undertaken by those who are serious about pursuing a career in music. That said, for those who do make that decision, the networking potential in Los Angeles is unparalleled, even compared to most of the cities on this list. As cliché as it is, moving to Hollywood really can change your life, as long as you use the opportunities in Los Angeles to full advantage. It’s a very competitive market for creative musicians, so make sure that your music really does stand out above the rest.

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The Best American Cities for Aspiring Musicians