The 10 Strangest Company Giveaways

Have you grown tired of trying to come up with ideas for company promotional giveaways only to end up seeing that your major competitors are also using the same tactics? If yes, then now is the best time for you to take that step towards the strange and the weird. To help you out, here are the 10 of the strangest giveaways that you should consider the next time your company runs a promotional event.

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10 AM/FM Radio that Comes with a Set of Earphones

The AM/FM Radio with earphone sets places tenth on this list of the 10 strangest giveaways, simply because they are definitely something unique, strange, and one of a kind. These promotional items are retro-inspired products that are not only weird, but cool for their own reasons as well. They are fanny packs that allows you to listen to current hits via the AM/FM radio and a set of earphones.

9 Body Tape Measure with a BMI Scale

The Body Tape Measure with a BMI Scale is a weird promotional product, as it allows users to measure their biceps while also being able to determine their body mass index (BMI). Weight watchers, health food lovers, and exercise enthusiasts are definitely going to value these products. These body tape measure and BMI scale combos may also just be what people need so that they can get started on their exercise regimen. So aside from letting consumers know of the existence of your business, you are also helping them become healthier.

8 Hook-Style AM/FM Radio for the Shower

Millions of people love to sing while they are in the shower and taking a bath. So what is the best way for them to even further enjoy doing what they love in the shower? By providing them with a radio designed to be used in the shower itself! You do not have to look far and wide for these products, as you will find Hook-Style AM/FM Radios for the shower available in many different shops. Yes, they may be weird, but those who will receive them are definitely going to want to call your company and tell you how appreciative they are for your gift.

7 DNA ID Kit, Fingerprint ID Kit

With so many crime shows being played on TV nowadays, it is actually a surprise that the promotional items DNA ID Kits and Fingerprint ID Kits are still considered to be strange. If you love these crime shows, then you should definitely consider making these products as your next promotional giveaway. They are weird, but they definitely do not lack in coolness. Those who will be able to receive them will surely experience a spark interest, thanks to their sleuthing and problem-solving features. If you do not consider these promotional giveaways as weird, then we do not know what else fits in your description of weird.

6 Digital Jump Rope

With more and more people becoming conscious of their weight and their overall health and fitness, you are sure to make a change by using digital jump ropes as your promotional giveaways. Yes, they are digital, which means that they can count up and down and can even track the number of calories being burned every jump rope session. Whether or not your business belongs in the health and fitness industry, those who will be able to get their hands on these promotional items will remember you every time they use their digital jump ropes.

5 Jar of Knives

The number five spot on this list of the 10 strangest giveaways is a jar of knives. The fact itself that the jar contains many knives in various colors is weird already, but this also means that they are great as promotional items, seeing that you will not see and encounter competition using them. If you want usefulness and strangeness combined, then go for these jars of knives the next time that you need to come up with an idea for a company promotional item.

4 Spirit of St. Louis Desktop Clock and Radio

The Spirit of St. Louis Desktop Clock and Radio definitely looks weird. However, they can give your desk a much needed overhaul when it comes to appearances. You can personalize these clock radios with your contacts, so aside from being a clock and a radio, they offer some other great features as well. They look like small attaché cases complete with two brown belt-like elements.

3 Hydro Water-Powered Digital Clock

Most of the environment-friendly clock products that you see in the market nowadays make use of solar energy as their power source. However, there is an exception to this: the Hydro Water-Powered Clock. These are desktop clocks that do not need batteries or solar energy to run – instead, they make use of water. They definitely will make for a stellar conversation, which may just be what you need to get a greater number of solid leads. Aside from being useful, they can also generate great interest as a form of company giveaways.

2 Compact Shoe Shine Kit

You may well be aware of the fact that scuffed, scratched, and dirty shoes decrease the level of professionalism that you exude. Fortunately, the Compact Shoe Shine Kit is here to help you out. If you want to tidy up the appearance of your shoes, all you need to do is to whip out your personal shoe shine kit out and give it a cleaning. These kits are often used at shoe stores and hotels, but you may want to consider getting some of them as a form of company promotion. They may be weird but they definitely put your business in the spotlight.

1 Stethoscope Light

Being the strangest does not necessarily mean that it is also the most useless. In fact, the number one ranker in this list of the 10 strangest giveaways, which is the stethoscope light, is definitely useful. Just think about it, a doctor will not be able to perform his or her job properly if there is not enough light to see what is being done. So with this stethoscope light, which can be given as a promotional product, there is no denying the fact that it can prove to be a great asset in the office of any doctor out there. Aside from being very handy, these promotional giveaways also have generated a lot of interest, seeing that they are not common products.

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