The 10 Simplest Ways To Get Rich Quick

Desperate times can call for desperate measures. History is full of examples of people getting rich on ideas, talent and services; however, sometimes there is a need (or want) to get rich quicker. Most of the ways are illegal and not condoned. Most will end with you in jail or worse (murdered), but it’s still good to have options.

With any task you need to weigh the risk versus the reward, a few of these ideas are harmless while others (as mentioned above) have severe consequences. Sure, you could get rich by writing a hit song, inventing a product of need or penning the next ‘Great Gatsby’, but that’s unlikely and even if you can produce the output, getting the material in the proper hands is time consuming. For someone looking to get money immediately – options are limited.

The assumption is that no one is lending you money and that you do not have powerful contacts that can immediately put you in touch with the right people. Essentially, this is for the 99 percent. Also, inheritance or insurance settlements do not factor into the list because again, these take time before they actually pay out.

Relax and take a look at this list of get rich quick schemes. This is meant to put a smile on your face, not inspire you to run out, buy a ski mask and rob a liquor store. (Besides, few do the ski mask thing anymore, it’s all nylons now – I watch TV, I know.) Here are 10 ways to get rich quick.

10 Drug Dealer (Illegal)

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I’m not proposing you go knock off the local dealer from the corner. That’s old-school, insane and has a 100 percent risk of getting yourself murdered as well. No, this is more having a connection to either prescription medications or a dealer with large amounts of drugs. The money is in the turnover, buy for X and sell for Y. Obviously the more white collar your dealings are, the opportunities for more money are higher (and there's less chance of being murdered). Other risks include getting ripped off, or jail. Yeah, you will eventually end up in jail if you decide to deal drugs.

9 Drug Manufacturer (Illegal)

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If you prefer to be the on the Walter White side of the drug trade you could manufacture drugs. This is very common with Methamphetamine, but also lots of designer drugs. Going back to the LSD sixties through present there is a rich history of people manufacturing illegal drugs to be sold. If you find an audience the money is almost immediate and could be in large amounts. The drawbacks include the ramifications of illegally producing drugs, the moral issues of what if your users die from use and of course violence. Nothing attracts violence more than drugs. Although there is potential for immediate cash, and lots of it, the eventual time behind bars makes this a poor option to choose.

8 Gambling (legal)

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Gambling isn’t legal everywhere, but pretty much anyone can find a casino or sports book to place bets at. Yes, a lot of sports books are technically legal, but the risk of getting “busted” is low, worst case, you would probably only lose the initial money you put up. You have a couple options here, first you can play long-shot betting games like roulette and craps, letting it ride and knowing when to pull your chips of course, or betting dark horse sports teams. The latter is not advised given there’s a reason they are referred to as dark horses, but don’t rule out teaser bets which combine bets across games and even leagues. This allows you to pick multiple winners, with the odds multiplied each time you add another winner. These are tough bets to win, but pay a ton and could have money deposited in a matter of hours. (Of course, you could lose and then you have less money, but hey, at least you won’t go to jail.)

7 Robbery (Illegal)

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True, there is nothing quicker than “give me your money” to get cash fast, but there are a lot of problems with that. For one, you will likely be arrested and second, the payout isn’t going to make you rich. Professional thieves think big – banks and jewelry stores. You will need an insider (helps) and a plan. Just walking into a bank with a note will guarantee you immediate cash and probably immediate arrest. A proper plan should bring a lot of money (or jewelry, product, etc..) and most likely, an eventual arrest. Bank robbery used to be an art form, but now there are too many cameras to pull off a “big haul”; instead, robbers today go for the quick cash grab. That’s not making you rich and is still going to likely put your butt in jail.

6 Counterfeiting (Illegal)

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What’s the absolute quickest way to get rich quick? Easy, just print your own money. You will need the proper supplies (printer, paper, ink) that are probably super expensive, but that’s a short-term expense for the price to print money. Unfortunately a lot of countries have made this practice much more difficult with extra security measures built into the paper money. However, that doesn’t stop people from trying, which is surprising because if you get caught you are likely headed to Federal Prison. Counterfeiting is not taken lightly, in some cases you can do more time printing money versus murdering another person.

5 Insider Trading (Illegal)

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You’ve seen the movies where someone gets a stock tip based on confidential information, gives it to his friend and then they reap the benefits by drinking champagne and chartering a yacht. That actually happens in real life and is also a Federal crime known as insider trading. Public companies have strict rules around what information is given and when it is given to Wall Street to ensure fair stock trading practices. Someone with information on the inside has a big advantage on whether to buy or sell a particular stock. The Security Exchange Commission monitors all transactions and they can see when someone “guesses” right, especially if there is a pattern or a particularly large trade. If you’ve seen the movies, you know the SEC is often waiting for them at the dock once the yacht returns.

4 The Con (Illegal)

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There are lot of “long cons” designed to bring in a lot of money over time and “short cons” designed to make a quick buck. The type of con that can bring in large amounts of money right away is the type that relies on lying, stealing personal information and identification theft. The elderly are often the targets, approached with an opportunity that is too good to turn down. They willfully turn over their personal information only to be taken advantage of and have their life savings drained in the process. Con artists that prey on this group eventually are tracked down and usually do time in jail. They also rot in hell, because if you don’t go to hell for this crime then what’s the point of hell?

3 Lottery (legal)

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As the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. There is no easier or quicker way to win millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars than playing the lottery. Granted, you have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice than winning one of the big games such as Mega Millions or Powerball. Still, it’s cheap to play and no one is going to arrest you. There are other games that will bring in big bucks as well, but if you are looking for filthy rich and don’t have a lot of time to do so, it can’t hurt to pick your favorite 5 or 6 numbers and get yourself a ticket. You never know…

2 Blackmail (Illegal)

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The blackmail racket used to be centered on physical pictures or information someone else paid to not be leaked into the public. Now with the Internet it’s more about stolen identity and hackers retrieving your information remotely and then threatening to expose or release personal information. The new way may seem less intrusive, but this is still illegal folks! Stealing someone’s personal information whether it’s taking a document from their possession or intercepting an email through the web is equally wrong, both morally and legally. Sometimes people will pay to get their information back, but other times the blackmailer will be found (traced back) and penalized.

1 Murder (Definitely Illegal)

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Killing someone and stealing their money is a quick way to get rich. Of course, there are a lot of assumptions here. Do you know someone who is very rich and has liquid assets you can get control of? Can you get close enough to this person to carry out the deed? Assuming you can make all of this happen then you have to carry out the crime. Note: Chances of getting away with murder are slim and most likely you will end up in prison for many, many years. Also, you have to live with yourself, killing a man just because he’s rich seems a little excessive. (Yes, even if filthy rich.)

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