The 10 Jobs That Pay the Worst

You always complain about the job you have. You always see something wrong with your work environment, office mates and superiors. Whether it is the low salary, lack of benefits, absence of career adv

You always complain about the job you have. You always see something wrong with your work environment, office mates and superiors. Whether it is the low salary, lack of benefits, absence of career advancement opportunities, tense environment, boring surroundings, far location, long hours or whatever, there is always something to complain about. You always tend to look longingly at other jobs, regretting the choice you have made and thinking the great chances you may have received had you chosen another career path.

Even doctors and physicians, with all the nobility and high pay that they receive, have a significant percentage of dissatisfaction with their jobs. As the cliché goes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. 

But wait! Rather than taking pity of yourself while being envious of people in other jobs, you should first take a look at the amount of pay that other less fortunate people have had to deal with. To think that their responsibilities are quite lofty as well, given the fact that they handle delicate items like food or are tasked with helping fix parts of our bodies, like hair and scalp. Yet, the salaries that they earn are pitifully low even as they go about their everyday work that is bereft of glamour and recognition.

So appreciate what you have right now because you should just be thankful that you have been blessed with a career other than these 10 jobs that pay the worst.


12 Ushers, Lobby Attendants and Ticket Takers - $20,320 per year

Be it a movie, theater play, concert or sporting event, chances are you will encounter these people. They take the tickets that you paid for and show you the seats or area where you can stay and watch. You usually take them for granted and may often be the object of our scorn especially if you deem them as not moving quickly enough. Unless they show real disdain for what they are doing, try to cut them some slack because they only earn a meager $20,320 per year, or $1,693.33 per month.


11 Amusement and Recreation Attendants - $20,020 per year

Just like the ushers, lobby attendants and ticket takers in movie houses, theaters, concert halls and ballparks, amusement and recreation attendants are the workers we encounter in amusement parks and recreation centers. They make sure that all the rides are managed properly and safely to prevent accidents and injuries. Their job may sound simple enough, but they do perform an important role. Yet, they only earn an average of $20,020 per year, or $1,668.33 per month.


10 Farm Workers, Farm Laborers, Crop, Nursery and Greenhouse - $19,990 per year

People do not look too kindly at farmers. They are usually dismissed as farm boys who are out of place in the big city. Try to remember, however, that they are the first line of workers to handle the food that we eat. They actually get to touch it fresh from the ground. They earn a meager $19,990 per year for the effort, or $1,665 per month.


9 Dining Room and Cafeteria Attendants, Bartender Helpers - $19,690 per year

Have you ever heard of that bartender who would pass off bodily liquids into the drinks of disrespectful customers? These guys only earn $19,690 per year, or $1,640.83 per month, so try not to piss them off. It probably would not take much to get them angry and revenge can be so easy for them to undertake.


8 Hosts and Hostesses in Restaurants, Lounge and Coffee Shops - $19,570 per year

If you do not want to be stuck in a dark corner of a restaurant or lounge near the washrooms in an area where the waiters would be hard-put to see you, be friendly to the hosts and hostesses. In that aspect, they do have a lot of power in their hands. They get a meager $19,570 per year, or $1,630.83 per month, so they may be vulnerable to trip on power to compensate for their low pay.


7 Counter Attendants in Cafeteria, Food Concession and Coffee Shops - $19,430 per year

Those who work attending to the counter in the cafeteria and coffee shops will certainly encounter all kinds of people, thus the need to practice proper customer service combined with psychology in order to please the clients. Yet, they only get paid an average of $19,540 per year, or $1,619.17 per month. No wonder they gripe every chance they get.


6 Dishwashers - $18,930 per year

The dishes and glasses that you use when you eat in a restaurant or coffee shop are not new. They are only made to look like new by people who meticulously clean them. They are called dishwashers and they are crucial in the food serving process. They are only paid $18,930 per year, or $1,577.50 per month.


5 Fast Food Cooks - $18,780 per year


Be it the Big Mac of McDonald’s, the Whopper of Burger King or the Hot ‘N Juicy of Wendy’s, these delights are cooked by those inside the fast food kitchen. They cook the most wonderful and easy to eat meals, however unhealthy they may be. Fast food cooks deserve a lot of credit but they do not get paid a lot, earning only an average of $18,780 per year, or $1,565 per month.


3 Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers - $18,720 per year

Do not ever piss off the person preparing and serving your food because they have a lot of power on you. They may feel like they do not have a lot to lose because they only earn $18,720 per year, or $1,560 per month. They may feel it as unfair and they may just take it out on you.


2 Shampooers - $18,600 per year


Go to a beauty parlor and you will have to trust your precious hair to an unknown shampooer. They probably cannot do that much damage because they won’t do the actual cutting and styling of your hair. Shampooers only earn $18,600 per year, or $1,550 per month.

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