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The 10 Best Fund Managers in the World

The 10 Best Fund Managers in the World

How do you know which fund managers are the best in the world? The yields hedge funds produce may vary from year to year, so whoever is the best today may drastically slip in rankings the next years. Ken Griffin of Citadel LLC has had two great years in a row, but just five years ago, the hedge fund he was managing was reeling from disastrous results.

Probably a good criterion to check is the amount of assets under the fund manager’s control. Based on that, here now are the 10 best fund managers in the world today.

10. Seth Klarman – $23.8 billion


Seth Klarman is the founder of the private investment partnership based in Boston called the Baupost Group. He is a graduate of Cornell University and Harvard Business School. He got his training from the Mutual Shares fund where he worked for Max Heine and Michael Price. In 1982, he established Baupost. Last year, the total assets under the management of the company amounted to $23.8 billion. It increased by 2.8 percent from the previous year’s figure. Klarman is also known as the author of the book entitled Margin of Safety: Risk Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor.

9. Larry Fink – $24.2 billion


Larry Fink is the head and Chief Executive Officer of the multinational investment management company called BlackRock. He is a product of the University of California, Los Angeles where he got both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He then joined First Boston, where he was a star after adding a billion dollars to the company’s coffers. However, an incorrect position in 1986 saw him losing $100 million. He then left to set up BlackRock where he committed to set up a sophisticated risk management system. Last year, the company managed $24.2 billion, which was 2.3 percent higher than the previous year.

8. Brady Dougan – $27.6 billion


Brady Dougan is the Chief Executive Officer of Credit Suisse. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago where he got both his bachelor’s and master’s in finance degrees. He then worked for Bankers Trust before moving to Credit Suisse First Boston where he rose to become the bank’s head. Last year, Credit Suisse managed $27.6 billion in assets the past year, which is a hefty 14 percent increase from the previous year’s number.

7. David Harding – $28.4 billion


David Harding is the founder and president of Winton Capital Management. He is actually a physicist, which he took up when he studied at Cambridge University’s St. Catharine’s College. He then trained and worked for companies such as Wood Mackenzie, Johnson Matthey & Wallace, and Sabre Fund Management. He then founded Adam, Harding & Lueck in 1987. In 1996, he set up Winton where he made use of his scientific training and made use of quantitative investment strategies and research as basis for trading decisions. He managed $28.4 billion in 2012, up by 33.4 percent.

6. Jamie Dimon – $28.8 billion

JPMorgan Chase & Co CEO Jamie Dimon testifies before the House Financial Services hearing in Washington

Jamie Dimon is the chairman, president and Chief Executive Officer of JPMorgan Chase, one of the Big Four banks in the United States. He graduated from Tufts University and Harvard Business School. He trained in Goldman Sachs and worked for American Express. After working for Citigroup and First Chicago Corp., he transferred to Bank One, which was eventually purchased by JP Morgan Chase. It now manages $28.8 billion, a slight 1.9 percent decline from the previous year.

5. Daniel Och – $29.9 billion


Daniel Och is the chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Och-Ziff Capital Management Group. A product of Wharton, he worked for Goldman Sachs for 11 years. He established Och-Ziff in 1994 with the three sons of William Ziff Jr., the publishing magnate. Last year, the company managed $29.2 billion in assets, which was 1.8 percent higher than the previous year.

4. Michael Platt – $31.1 billion


Michael Platt is the man behind BlueCrest Capital Management, which is billed as an alternative asset management company based in London. The company also has offices in New York, Boston, Geneva and Singapore. Platt founded BlueCrest in 2000 along with Williams Reeves. The company now manages $31.1 billion in assets, which is a remarkable 16 percent increase from the number of the previous year.

3. David Warren – $36.7 billion


David Warren is the man who steers Brevan Howard Asset Management, a hedge fund manager based in Switzerland and considered to be the largest in Europe. Alan Howard and Jean Philippe Blochet established the company in 2002. A co-founder, James Vernon, served as the company’s Chief Operating Officer until 2011. Under Warren’s management, the company has seen its managed assets grow by 18.4 percent to $36.7 billion.

2. Peter Clarke – $41.4 billion


Peter Clarke is the person tasked to handle investment management of the Man Group plc. The company itself was established way back in 1783 in London. It has offices in the Bahamas, Chicago, Dubai, Dublin, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Miami, Milan, Montevideo, New York, Pfaffikon, Rotterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto. The company has seen and survived a few tests in recent years. It had invested $360 million in the ponzi schemes of Bernard Madoff. In the middle of 2012, it was demoted from the FTSE 100. In November 2012, it was totally deleted from the MCSI. Earlier this year, a trader from the company was arrested for insider trading. Under Clarke however, the company still manages $41.4 billion in assets, which is 5.4 percent higher than last year’s number.

1. Ray Dalio – $75.3 billion


Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates. He is a graduate of Long Island University and the Harvard Business School. He used to be a commodity futures trader at the New York Stock Exchange, before working for Dominick & Dominick LLC and Shearson Hayden Stone. In 1975, he established Bridgewater in Connecticut. It is now considered as the largest hedge fund in the world. It currently manages $75.3 billion in assets, a 27.8 percent increase from the previous year.

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