Yahoo Acquired Tumblr And Slummy-Can it get back the internet dominace?

About Thirteen years ago, many people thought that the entire internet belonged to Yahoo due to it's popularity and dominance, but now Yahoo has lost major ground to Google. The Search Giant has overtook Yahoo with it's interesting services such as: Google maps, YouTube, and Gmail. Yahoo has been trying to catch up by changing it's CEOs in recent years, however the new CEO is Marissa Mayer, she is a former Google Excutive and the 20th employee at Google to make the jumo to Yahoo. She has helped in creating Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth and more. She has been making bold steps by Acquiring Tumblr for $1.1 Billion and Summly for $30 million.

Tumblr, a social networking platform which gives users an extremely easy way to micro-blog (share) photos, videos and text with their followers while simultaneously offering many standard features of a social network like Facebook or Twitter. It Is Created by David Karp while still living in his mother's New York City apartment back in 2007. Tumblr got over 75,000 users after only two weeks of being launched. Today, Tumblr has over 200 million active users, and is arguably one of the top five social networks on the internet. Yahoo closed the deal with $1.1 Billion in cash.

Summly is a mobile app created by a 15 year old British Boy Nick D'Aloisio. Summly uses a custom algorithm to scan the web for content it thinks you will enjoy, then it summarizes the article automatically. Summly also allows users to pick their favorite news sites from which articles are automatically shortened into "beautiful and concise" mobile optimized summaries. It can summarizes an article of about ten page into a single page without omitting the key facts. Since it's launch in December 2011 it has summarized more than 90 million articles and has been downloaded 500,000 times, making it one of Apple's Best Apps of 2012. Yahoo closed the deal at $30 million and also made a pre-agreement with the boy to become a full time yahoo employee when he finish school. Yahoo plan to shutdown the app and immediately integrate its technology into all of their mobile content oofferings.

The Question is will Yahoo regain it's lost dominance with is Acquiring Tumblr and Summly? Only time will tell. Feel Free to make your comments!!!

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Yahoo Acquired Tumblr And Slummy-Can it get back the internet dominace?