V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headphones Review

V-Moda is an Italian company that prides itself in making the world's finest high-fidelity audio devices, and they were kind enough to send TheRichest a pair of brand new Crossfade Wireless headphones to put through its paces. After spending over a week with these headphones a lot of positives stood out. The build quality is outstanding, as is the sound quality in both wired and wireless modes, but that's really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the features V-Moda offers in its products.

With the Crossfade Wireless, V-Moda set out to give its customers the best of both worlds with versatile headphones that sound just as good wireless as they do plugged in. Based on the award-winning M-100, the wireless version takes everything V-Moda did right and adds a significant amount of freedom without reducing overall sound quality. V-Moda is trusted by many of the world's top DJ's and it's not hard to see why, as even the Crossfade Wireless boasts a clean, powerful sound without any noticeable latency.

As someone who wasn't regularly using wireless headphones before, it would be tough to go back to being chained to my computer with a wire all day. Fortunately, I don't have to because I'll be using the Crossfade Wireless for a long time.


3 Design and Features


Unboxing the Crossfade Wireless is an experience in itself. You get an immediate sense of the care and attention to detail that goes into packaging these headphones, from the leather strap that snaps the cover of the box in place to the sturdy shell that the phones themselves rest in (which also doubles as a nifty carrying case).

In the box you'll also find a Carabiner Clip (presumably to clip the Exoskeleton Carrying Case to your luggage or backpack), a Reinforced SpeakEasy Microphone & Mic Cable for wires use, a Reinforced V-Micro USB Cable for charging and a 1/4" adapter tip.

The headphones themselves are a little on the heavier side, weighing in at 10.3 ounces (292 grams), but they're clearly very well made with adjustable metal arms fixing the over-ear speakers to the Steelflex headband. The overall design is sleek and luxurious with a combination of metal and leather giving it a finished look, and the impression that these headphones are worth more than they actually are ($300US). Although, that really depends on which trim level you choose, but we'll get to that later.

The Crossfade Wireless doesn't snap and fold like the M-100 model they're based on. While this may make them considerably less compact, it also grants them a sense of sturdiness. You won't have to worry about breaking them with regular use. If for some reason the worst happens, V-Moda offers a one-year warranty and will replace them for half the price if they break after that.

Probably the coolest feature V-Moda offers is the ability to create custom 3D printed decorative shields that can be applied to the sides of the headphones. People with deep pockets and an affinity for fancy things can upgrade theirs with precious metals for up to $40,000. This includes shields made out of sterling silver, 14K gold, 14K rose gold, 14K white gold or platinum. Our pair was customized with a wicked cool TheRichest logo on the sides.

2 Performance


The Crossfade Wireless sounds as good as it looks, and that goes for both wired and wireless modes. Both have a crisp, clean sound with a healthy amount of bass. Even at higher volumes there's very little distortion, although we don't recommend listening at full volume. These things are seriously loud.

The Bluetooth is easy to pair with up to two devices at once via a 3-way switch button on the right side and can be used at a distance of 33 feet from your devices. You can use them with your laptop and answer a phone call without missing a beat or even lifting a finger. On the right you'll notice a built-in microphone which makes these headphones not only ideal for pairing up with a smart phone to answer calls, but also for gaming as you can plug them into PS4 or Xbox One controllers.

Battery life in wireless mode is strong at up to 12 hours, and if you run out of juice you can plug in and resume listening in full analog mode. You might find yourself opting for the wire if you're stationary because plugging in the kevlar-reinforced cable instantly switches off all electronics for zero latency, although unless you're a serious gamer or DJ, you probably won't notice much of a difference. The wireless mode is that good.

Aside from the 3-way switch used to pair/unpair and power up/down the headphones in wireless mode, the right side also features 3 buttons near the top. Two volume control buttons flank a "multi-function" button which can be used to answer calls and skip through tracks; press twice for next track, three times for previous track.

1 Conclusion


“After years of R&D, we can proudly say that Crossfade Wireless is versatile enough to be the everyday audio weapon of choice for music professionals, audiophiles, gamers and savvy consumers, alike,” says Val Kolton, CEO of V-MODA. We would agree that they've accomplished their goal. Even the pickiest consumer can plug these bad boys in for instant analog gratification, while the average Joe probably won't notice much of a difference between wireless and wired mode.

The Crossfade Wireless stands up to popular competitors like the Beats Studio Wireless or the Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II (and even comes in cheaper than the former) while offering a new benchmark in style and build quality. We at TheRichest have a soft spot for the finer things in life, and being able to upgrade your pair of Crossfades with precious metals makes them a cut above the competition in terms of luxury.

So next time you have $40K lying around, order yourself a pair of Platinum 3D printed V-Moda Crossfade Wireless headphones. Until then, you can still get an equally kickass pair for $300.

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