10The Popsicle

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Way back in 1905, eleven year old Frank Epperson combined soda water powder and water in a glass, stirred it with a stick, and promptly left his beverage outside on the porch. When he awoke, the chilly San Francisco temperature had transformed his concoction into a frozen delight on a

stick. Thus, entirely by accident, the Popsicle was born.

Epperson did not immediately draft up his business plans, but years later he still remembered his childhood invention. In 1922, he first served his frozen treats at a Fireman’s Ball, then expanded in 1923 to the hungry crowds at Neptune Beach. Judging by the way the public responded, he knew he had a hit on his hands. He patented the “frozen confectionery” and, starting in 1924, began producing the treat in various fruit flavours on the iconic wooden sticks.

The Popsicle is a classic summertime treat (and year round, if you bundle up!) that has spawned countless flavour variations since its invention.

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