The World's Five Most Advanced Toilets

The porcelain throne. The lou. The John. Not many folks think twice about using the bathroom, as all toilets are pretty much the same. Well, not so much. With advances in toilet technology, brought about by innovative approaches from all around the world, toilets are changing all the time.

Ladies are often annoyed when the gentleman in their home doesn't put the seat down. When the power goes out and it becomes impossible to see to use the bathroom, or when the floor or seat is freezing cold on a long winter’s night, everyone suffers. All of those things can be solved with some of the world’s amazing and innovative toilets. If there’s a problem someone has had when using the toilet, it's likely that an enterprising toilet designer will solve those issues in the near future.

Some features on these new toilets might be things that most consumers have wanted for a long time: heated seats, adjustable height, bidets, and sensors that open and close the toilet with a flick of the wrist. However, there are some things that most would never dream of, born from the minds of those whose dreams are filled with a marriage of porcelain and circuitry.  Would the average consumer have ever thought to have an SD card slot on a toilet so that users could play their favorite tunes while relaxing? The leaders in toilet tech did.

Japan is leading the way in terms of tech- toilets, and the innovation seen in those bathrooms are gradually being copied all across the world. However, they do not have a monopoly on stylish bathroom hardware. One of the most expensive and luxurious toilets in the world is made by Koehler, in Wisconsin. The Koehler model was recently declared the world’s most technologically advanced toilet.

The most advanced toilets in the world are truly thrones fit for kings. in fact, your average king would probably be jealous of the super- toilet you recently installed. Of course, they come with a much heftier price tag than normal toilets, so only those who are flush with cash will be able to afford the luxury they offer.

Here are five of the world’s most intriguing and luxurious toilets being produced for consumers around the world today.

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5 Toto MS990 - $5,000

Another high-tech model, the Toto MS990 also comes with a remote that allows user customization of the toilet-using experience. What sets the MS990 is its all-in-one design; the bowl and basin are in the same unit. It also has an automatic bidet with air-drying features, and a deodorizer that helps keep the bathroom smelling fresh.

The toilet is also completely silent, and refills almost immediately. With an automatically opening and closing seat and a floor heater, this toilet screams luxury, and comes at a cost of $5000.

4 INAX Satis - $5,600

The Satsis, from INAX, is another advanced tankless toilet. Looking much like the Koehler Numi, this compact and stylish toilet really is cutting- edge. When a person flushes the toilet, it uses a powerful vortex to remove waste, and immediately refills after the user has finished doing their business. Like many other advanced toilets, this model features a remote to control music, illumination, and the amount of deodorizer sprayed into the room after a trip to the bathroom.

The Satsis does not feature a floor heater or air dryer, which might as well be mandatory at this price. It does have an included bidet, which might be something that many people in North America find a bit strange, but INAX claims it is actually a more sanitary method of cleansing than toilet paper. The toilet features both front and rear cleaning nozzles, as well as a massager. The INAX costs around $5,600 dollars, putting it right in the middle of the pack when compared to the prices of the other toilets featured here.

3 Toto Intelligence II Toilet - $6,100

The Toto brand makes some of the most advanced and popular toilets in Japan, and the Intelligence II is no exception. Boasting advanced analytical capability, the Intelligence II is primarily designed for women’s health. The toilet can analyze sugar levels, blood pressure and body temperature, among other health data points, all gleaned from the samples it gets from regular use. Its built-in testing ability can even tell a user if they’re pregnant. After the toilet (ahem) collects data, it uploads it to a PC, where the user can check out their health information, with handy tools like graphs and charts produced by the service.

A toilet like this, though it costs $6,100, could be very valuable when it comes to a person’s health, allowing them to regularly keep track of important health information more effectively. Instead of guessing at their BMI, or worrying about their blood sugar, they could see it every day when they use the bathroom. It could even save a trip to the doctor.

2 Kohler Numi - $6,500

Many in the super toilet industry would agree that the most powerful, advanced, and interesting toilet in the world is the Kohler Numi. Not only does it have the standard features of a super toilet, such as heated seats and a bidet, it also has a small vent on the base of the unit that warms the floor around the feet of the user. The toilet features an automatic lid that opens and closes using a sensor, an integrated air dryer, deodorizer, and multiple other features. It also has a dock for music players, and a touch screen remote that the user can use to fully customize their toilet experience. The Numi will set customers back about $6,500 dollars, but many believe the comfort and style is well worth the price.

Less flashy, but no less useful, is the fact that the Numi can reliably get everything down in one flush. On top of all of its features, every member of the household can customize their personal toilet experience with the use of the remote, with built-in user profiles allowing everyone to have their own unique experience.

1 Design Odyssey Vertebrae - $2,000 - $15,000

One of the most intriguing toilets on this list may also be one of the most useful. Inspired by the structure of a spinal column, the Vertebrae is an all- in- one bathroom tower. With the same apparatus, users can brush their teeth, use the toilet, and take a shower. When the user is done with whatever business they may be doing, the toilet folds back up into a stylish column, which fits very nicely in a modern bathroom.

Not only does this bizarre looking piece have everything you could want in a bathroom folded up into one system, a person can pretty much do everything they would need to do in the morning without having to stand up. The unit folds in such a way that one could theoretically brush their teeth, shower, and go to the bathroom all at the same time. For the avid multi-tasker, there is no better offering on the market. This toilet is so innovative and new that there was no price listed on the product website. The price is probably quite significant due to the luxuriousness of this product.

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