The Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Channels

YouTube has been around since 2005. Founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, the company started as a technology startup funded by Sequoia Capital. The idea for the site came after one o

YouTube has been around since 2005. Founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, the company started as a technology startup funded by Sequoia Capital.

The idea for the site came after one of the founders had a hard time looking for a video of the famous wardrobe malfunction of Janet Jackson during the halftime show of the 2004 Super Bowl. They also recognized the need for a video version of an online dating service.

The site has come a long way since the first video uploaded in 2005 entitled Me at the Zoo that featured Karim at the San Diego Zoo. Just a year after its establishment, the founders got a windfall after Google bought it for $1.65 billion.

11 The Money that It Generates

Today, YouTube has more than a million creators uploading original content into the site. More than 72 hours of new materials are uploaded every minute. In terms of advertising, YouTube attracts $5 billion worth of commercials each year hoping to entice the site’s one billion visitors per month.

How exactly do these creators of channels make money? It used to be that permission had to be asked to air advertisements. YouTube has revamped the process, however, and now automates the process with a “monetize” button. This means that ads are now automatically paired to channels that sign up. Half of the proceeds then go to the channel creator.

Rates that the advertisers pay have been slowly falling, however, much to the chagrin of the channel creators. Just a year ago, advertisers had to pay $9.35 for every 1,000 views. By the first quarter of 2013, the rates have fallen to $6.33.

Given the above figures, how much do channel creators earn? Here is a list of the top 10 most viewed YouTube channels for the period of August 8 to 14, 2013.

10 RoosterTeeth – 20,339,602 views ($128,749.68)

RoosterTeeth is a Texas-based company that engages in the creation of live action shorts, animated pieces and films that use real-time interactive engines from computer and video games. Last week, it registered a nine percent increase in viewership, bringing its all time views to more than 2.33 billion. It got 79,297 new subscribers last week, bringing the total to 5,909,420.

9 TheFineBros – 20,419,030 views ($129,252.46)

TheFineBros is a channel popular for its React series, including Kids React, Teens React, Elders React and YouTubers React. It also produces narrative web series and spoiler series. It also has a sitcom called “MyMusic.” Viewership last week increased by 13 percent, bringing its all time views to 973.4 million. It had 130,768 new subscribers for a total of 5,479,249.

8 gmmgrammyofficial – 21,127,378 views ($133,736.30)

The channel gmmgrammyofficial is a Thailand-based media conglomerate that claims a 70 percent share in the country’s entertainment industry. It is involved in concert production, music, film and television production and publishing. It recorded a three percent increase in viewership last week for a total of 1.24 billion views overall. It also had 42,899 new subscribers for a total of 1,864,558.

7 AviciiOfficialVevo – 22,495,204 views ($142,394.64)

AviciiOfficialVevo is the official channel of Tim Bergling, a DJ, remixer and record producer from Sweden. Bergling is known for his house music and has been ranked as high as number three by DJ Magazine. He suffered a 25 percent decline in viewership, with his total numbering 260.3 million. He had 84,639 new subscribers last week, for a total of 1,052,173.

6 DisneyCollectorBR – 24,015,411 views ($152,017.55)

As the name suggests, DisneyCollectorBR is a channel dedicated to Disney products. It actually suffered a four percent decline in views last week, for an all-time total of 589.5 million. The channel registered 21,385 new subscribers last week for a total of 396,024.

5 OneDirectionVEVO – 24,075,593 views ($152,398.50)

OneDirectionVEVO is a channel dedicated to one of the hottest boy bands right now. It releases the music videos of the group. Last week however, it suffered a 19 percent decline in viewership, though its all time total remains a high 1.85 billion. It also had 118,266 new subscribers, for a total of 8,045,521.

4 movieclipsTRAILERS – 25,909,173 views ($164,005.06)

The channel movieclipsTRAILERS specializes in videos showing clips and trailers from films. Last week, the channel recorded a healthy 11 percent increase, meaning its total viewership is now at 1.06 billion. It also registered 93,050 new subscribers last week. It now has a grand total of 8,045,521 subscribers.

3 SkyDoesMinecraft – 32,221,108 views ($203,959.61)

SkyDoesMinecraft is a channel that is dedicated to those that are followers of online video games. It is also the most favored channel among those that are based in the United States. For the weekending August 14, the channel registered an increase of 14 percent in viewership compared to the previous week. This brings its all time viewership to 1.08 billion. The channel was also able to attract 123,938 new subscribers last week, which brings its number of all time subscribers to 5,149,924.

2 muyap – 40,237,637 views ($254,704.24)

The channel muyap is a channel based in Turkey and operated by the Turkish Phonographic Industry Society. The channel specializes in releasing to the public and the rest of the world songs from artists based in the country. For the week that ended August 14, the channel actually suffered a decline in viewership when compared to that of the previous week amounting to around 16 percent. The number of its all time viewership is 3.6 billion. The channel also registered 37,993 new subscribers last week, bringing its all time subscription number to 1,683,971.

1 PewDiePie – 45,278,673 views ($286,614.00)

The channel PewDiePie is a channel based in Sweden. The man behind it is Felix Kjellberg, a 23-year-old Swede who also goes by the alter ego of PewDiePie. Last week, it suffered a 13 percent decline in viewership, with its all time views at 2.25 billion. It also registered 317,677 new subscribers last week, boosting its all time subscription number to 11,918,599. As of August 14, 2013, it is also the most subscribed channel in YouTube.

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The Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Channels