The Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are numerous times when people just want to escape from what is going on around them. You may be on a train and there are kids crying, people arguing and many other unpleasant noises. These no

There are numerous times when people just want to escape from what is going on

around them. You may be on a train and there are kids crying, people arguing and

many other unpleasant noises. These noises tend to be very disturbing and you

just want to bury your head and free yourself from those noises. The good thing

however, is that there is a way that you can save your ears from having to endure

those noises that you detest. There are numerous noise cancelling headphones

that could really save you from having to listen to noises that you do not want

to hear. Here is the top 10 best noise cancelling headphones that can be found on the market today.

10 Dynabass Headphones With a Microphone

They have a microphone that is built in, which makes it possible to sing

along to the songs. You get the feeling it is as if you are in a concert. They can

be found only in a black and red design. The color is mainly black with the red

being in form of stripes and lines. The cushions are extra padded so as to help

in the process of sound isolation. Their price is generally fair as compared to

other models that have the same sound quality. For those who want

headphones with microphones this will surely be a good choice.

9 Audio-Technica ATH-ANC9

It delivers very high quality sound and even at high levels there is no sound

distortion. It has a feature which comprises of 3 levels of noise cancelling

modes. The airplane, office and study. These levels are customized to enhance

their performance by dropping more than 90% of the noise . The airplane level

operates at 200Hz while the office and study operate at 300Hz. The earpieces

have small mics that measure the noise interference and eliminate it. The treble

is resonant and they have clear acoustics which make them very attractive and

a good deal. They are also light weight and are very compact.

8 Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones

They are the best for people that work in clubs or make their living in the same sort of environemnt. Especially if you are a Dj. They have been designed to specifically protect the

ears of musicians who are performing and to reduce the sharpness of surrounding sounds. The noise reduction is usually very significant and welcomed. These headphones are generally very good for anyone who is in charge of musical entertainment. They are fitted with foam cushions to provide extra comfort to the owner.

7 AKG K495 NC Acoustics

The listening device has exceptional sound clarity and the range is dynamic. It

is very impressive especially when you play blues and rock. The music just

becomes superb. The drivers it has are very dynamic while the silencing

capabilities are simply unmatched and make it very good for a stage

performance. The design is a sleek fold up which is favored by most jetsetters.

It also has multiple adapters which make it usable in the majority of different

countries around the world. It can be charged via usb connection and playback

continues even after the built in battery dies.

6 Panasonic RPHC200K

They are very ideal for those who travel frequently. They come with a pouch so

as to help reduce the rate of wear and tear since you will be carrying them a lot.

They have been designed to reduce outside noise by about 81% enabling you to

listen to your favorite tunes without much distraction. They are very good

for using on airplanes. Another good thing about them is that they come in

various colors and so you will have variety to choose from.

5 Sony MDRNC7

They have a noise cancelling circuit which, when switched on, background noise

reduces by about 87%. The headphones have a headband that is adjustable and

you can change its position until you feel it is comfortable. One AAA battery is enough to power them. They also have a folded and swivel design which makes it easy to store them when they are not in use.


The sound quality for these is excellent and the noise reduction is at a high 85%.

They have feedback technology to monitor the background noise. The

headphones are fitted with an extra layer on the foam cushioned pads to make

your listening sessions longer and much more comfortable. They are also

among one of the lightest headphones that you may come across.

3 Harman Kardon

They are a combination of style and substance. The sleek finish and good

fashioning provide you with great sound quality. The ear cup design is quite

effective in suppressing your urge to have the volume at maximum. The

listening experience is also very wonderful and the sound quality is not

affected even after you switch on the noise cancellation feature. The music still

sounds as good as before. The accessories that it comes with include a good looking case and a mic.

2 PSB M4U 2

These headphones have been tuned almost to perfection when it comes to noise

cancellation. This tuning applies to almost all genres of music. These may be the

only headphones that can achieve this feature for now. It supports treble response and

incredible bass. It has a low linear amplifier that is used to eliminate noise

ambiance and thus delivers excellent results when compared to other noise

cancelers. It also sounds great even after the batteries have been drained.

1 Bose Quietcomfort 15 Acoustic

This is the market leader when it comes to noise cancellation headphones. They

have advancements in technology such that some noise is blocked even before

it reaches your ears. They have been able to balance the bass with the clarity.

The noise levels for both high frequency levels and low frequency levels have

been brought down and this is mainly due to the built in mics. They can easily

be slipped on when you want to relax and there a lot of noise distractions out

there. Wear them and you will feel like you have been cut off from the world.

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The Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones