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The Cheapest Cell Phones on the Market

The Cheapest Cell Phones on the Market

In today’s society you most likely know that everyone has a cell phone. It is possible to do anything with your phone. You can check your email, write letters, buy a house or even conduct research for anything that you can imagine. Although, with that luxury, can often come a very large bill that has to be paid each and every month. If you are looking for a cell phone and you do not want to pay a great deal for it then you should consider looking for a phone that is cheap. There are actually plenty to select from and they will still have the features that you are looking for. Before you make a decision you should learn about what is out there for you to select from as well as the pros and cons of each.

10. Samsung Replenish – $99.99 with contract


This is a sprint phone and that is a name that individuals can trust. It is made from recycled materials and that is wonderful for the phone lovers that also want to go green and take care of the environment. You will see that this phone has a physical keyboard so it is easy to carry out virtually any function quickly. The one draw back to this phone for the price is that the screen does seem to have a low resolution screen. Some people complain about the plastic feel that the phone has and the fact that it will not support flash.

9. Blackberry Curve 9310 – $80.00 with contract


When you go with this phone you are going to see that you will get a cheap monthly plan. Many individuals love this phone because they say that it is very easy to hold and the quality of the calls that you make on it are really good. However, it will be important to know that it is said to have a very old operating system and it does not have very many applications that it can offer you. It also has 3G speed which is very slow when compared with other mobile devices today.

8. Samsung Transform – $50.00 with contract


Those that want to take pictures with their phone will love the fact that this phone has a front facing camera. It is also very easy to hold so it will always be easy to get the best shots. It also has a physical keyboard so it will be very easy to type. The screen is alright but it is not the best. Keep in mind that this phone has been said to be slow to respond at times so you may not want to rely on it for work related tasks.

7. Sanyo Taho – $50.00 with contract


This phone was found to be very durable. The keys are raised and there are many individuals that love this feature as it is hard to come by today. The battery has also been found to last for a very long time and that is one complaint that many people have with cell phones. If you want to be able to watch videos or listen to music on the phone then this is not the one for you. It does not have the capabilities to do either of these things for you.  It has also been said that the processor for the internet is slow.

6. Samsung Freeform III – $48.88 with contract


Those that have used this phone have stated that the display screen is very clear. It also has good quality when it comes to calls but the battery does not last that long. The photographs that you take with this phone are not that good either. The internet is also very slow with this phone so it may not be ideal if you are using it for work or research.

5. Pantech Breeze III – $30.00 with contact


This phone is said to be very easy to operate. It is a flip phone and it is very affordable.  Those that have used it have also stated that the keyboard is roomy and easy to use. If you want to take photos with this phone then you should know that the quality is poor. Some people have complained that this phone does not look any different than the one before it so if you are looking for a new design this may not be the way to go. If you want to use the headjack then you should know that it is only going to take a microUSB.

4. LG Lucid – $20.00 with contract


This is a very bright phone and the display has a lot of colors on it. The processor is quick and it has 4G LTE speeds. The camera is also liked by those that use it. On the other hand the videos that it takes are poor and calls are often poor as well.

3. Blackberry Curve 9360 – Free with a new contract


If you are looking for your first Blackberry then this may be the way to go.  You will even have the opportunity to make WiFi calls from this phone.  Keep in mind that the data speeds are mixed and you will not have a lot of third party applications to select from.

2. Pantech Crossover – Free with contract


The keyboard on this phone is considered to be roomy and the battery is going to last you. However, searching the internet will be slow and you are going to notice that the display screen is smaller than what you might be looking for.

1. Pantech Laser – Free with contract


This phone is slim and easy to hold and control with its roomy keyboard. While it is not going to cost you anything you should know that there have been complaints about the touch screen being unresponsive. The reception is also weak on this phone. The quality of your calls will also be average and it may be difficult to hear.

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