The Best Still Cameras on The Market

The age we live in has brought a non-stop parade of new and exciting technology, but it has also led to improvements in things we've known and loved for generations. For creative individuals, these ad

The age we live in has brought a non-stop parade of new and exciting technology, but it has also led to improvements in things we've known and loved for generations. For creative individuals, these advances have led to better and easier ways for the ideas in their head to manifest as art. Though there are some difficulties created by the internet, artists and creatives have, in a sense, never had it as easy as they have it now. The products out on the market place allow for amazing art to be made at a fraction of the cost of the work of the past.

The advancements in photography over the last decade have been amazing. The cameras of today are far better than those that were on the market even just five years ago. With each year that goes by, digital image sensors get better and better, pushing film closer to obsolescence. The newest cameras on the market give photographers the ability to create stunning photography at the click of a button, and with frame and medium format image sensors, the photography world is advancing faster than anyone could have guessed.

The world of full-frame and medium format cameras is not for everyone, as the equipment prices can be quite high. For the high-end professional, though, medium format or full-frame cameras are the only way to go. The image sensors in these professional grade cameras yield amazingly clean photos, suitable for use on billboards, in magazines, and in high resolution all over the internet. These new cameras are the future of photography, and it is exciting to see what the top camera companies will come out with next. When it comes to the best still cameras on the market, these are the industry standards, some of the greatest products in the photography world.

6 Sony A99 - $2,799.99

The Sony A99 is one of the best photography cameras on the market. Part of the Alpha series that Sony has rolled out into the market place, these are truly some of the nicest still cameras out there. The Sony A99 shoots with a full 35 mm sensor, the highest quality sensor that a DSLR body can have. With a 24.3 mega pixel full frame, photographers don't have to worry about any of their photos being accidentally cropped.

The viewfinder on the Sony A99 is a beautiful OLED screen that gives users the ability to see changes in real time. There are many photographers out there who prefer to shoot on a viewfinder, and this high resolution view finder gives them the ability to not only shoot in that style, but have an accurate representation of what the final photo will turn out as. On top of that, when it comes to the low light features of this camera, The A99 is ahead of the game. With an ISO rating that can go up to 25,6000, a photographer will never be left in the dark.

5 Canon 5D Mark III - $3,399.00

The Canon 5D Mark III is one of the top-of-the-line cameras on the photography market today. Its magnesium alloy body allows photographers to hammer it with a heaping dose of wear and tear. The 5D Mark III shoots on an amazing full-frame sensor, which allows photographers to get amazing photos with great depth of field. When this camera is paired with Canon L Series lenses, it defies comparison with cameras under $10 thousand dollars. It’s an amazing camera that shoots images over 20 megapixels, delivering amazing photo quality. This camera is also durable, with a shutter rated to 150,000 shots. This is also a great camera for sports, as the rapid shot function shoots up to six frames per second.

4 Canon 1Dx  - $6,799.00

The Canon 1Dx is one of the best still cameras for sports photographers. Its ergonomic and rugged body allow for this high end camera to be used in dicey situations without any fear of major damage. The Canon 1Dx has unprecedented features that have never been seen on some cameras before. This Canon camera can perform very well in low light, with the ability to go up to an ISO rating of 51,200 – higher than any other camera in the Canon line. It shoots onto a large full-frame sensor, at a quality of 18 megapixels. What sets this piece apart is its special features for sports photography, with a capability of shooting up to 14 frames per second. This gives photographers the ability to shoot a  perfect photo in the fast-paced action of competitive sports. Fashion and model photographers have also loved the 1Dx, as the photos that come out of this amazing camera are clean enough for any website, and most magazines.

3 Mamiya Leaf Credo 80- $37,995.00

Moving into the world of medium format cameras, we start to see pricey devices that take amazing photos.  The Mamiya Leaf Credo is an amazing digital medium format camera that takes downright stunning photos. These high quality images are used on billboards, in magazine, online, and in catalogs. The standout feature of this camera is the 80 megapixel image sensor that is available for photographers. With 80 megapixles, the applications for these photos are virtually limitless. Huge banners, billboards, posters, and more can be printed with that much information in an image file.  This is a top camera for top professionals.

2 Seitz 16x7 Digital - $38,000

Seitz digital is a camera unlike any other. Made specifically for high-end panoramic photography, this camera has a colossal 160 megapixel sensor that creates some of the largest and most beautiful images around. The best feature for this camera is that the panoramic shots are seamless, and they do not need to be spliced together. The secret lies in the way in which the image sensor scans over the whole image, which allows for the most detail to be captured in the shot.

This isn't a small camera by any means. The body of this camera is large, but designed to work well with the photographer's needs, sporting two ergonomic hand grips that allow photographers to grab hold of this massive beast. The best way to shoot on this camera is on a tripod, though. At this time, it does not look like this camera is on the market for sale, but it can be rented by those who are looking to create amazing landscape photography. The high price of the rentals can be offset by the price that you can sell these prints for on the art market.

1 Hasselblad H5D - $42,495.00

In the world of photography, Hasselblad sits on a comfortable perch near the top of the market, having created amazing medium format cameras for quite some time. Their decision to cater to that section of the photography market was a true game changer, as not only do Hassleblad cameras have some of the best quality pictures around, but their bodies are top of the line. A photographer who has a Hasselblad has a serious technological advantage going into any situation.

The Hasselblad H5D camera shoots on a medium format, 50 mega pixel digital back, which gives photographers the ability to shoot at an amazing quality. The price of the H5D makes it so that this camera is truly only a high-end professional camera, so you won't see very many, if any, hobbyist photographers with this camera. Those who have the Hassleblad H5D camera usually have high end clients that they are shooting photos for, like National Geographic, Playboy, Audi, or Ferrari. The Hasselblad H5D truly changed the photography game, and raising the bar for the whole industry.

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The Best Still Cameras on The Market