The 5 Flashiest 4K TVs Money Can Buy

TV technology just keeps getting better and better. Not only are higher-definition videos offering a higher quality of video for our screens, but  television and computer screens themselves are increasing the number of pixels, and therefore the image quality, that owners can view. Where 1080p HD was once the best and brightest resolution around, a new craze is soon to be upon us, this time in the form of 4K high-definition video display televisions.

4K TVs allow users to view a much larger and crisper image than ever before. It's a relatively new format, and it doesn't have the same level of support as other video standards, but that could soon change. There are many 4K TVs that have just recently come out on the market, though the price points are high enough that the average consumer will probably not be buying a 4K TV in the near future. For now, these TVs are only for wealthy high-end tech lovers.

For those who have the extra scratch, the upgrade is well worth the money. The 4K TV standard displays an image that is contains four times as much information as a 1080p resolution, outputting at around a at 3000 X 2000 resolution. This allows for the image quality to be much better than the 1920X1080 display of most HD TVs today. The result is crisper images, brighter colors, less blown-out images, and an overall better viewing experience.  They're the next step of our viewing experience. Not only are 4K TVs finding their ways into the living rooms of Americans, but 4K projectors are being used in movie theaters around the nation, becoming the industry-standard for big Hollywood releases.

Just like with any technology, there are some 4K TVs the stand out above the rest. 4K technology is new enough that consumers must be smart when purchasing their first of the new models. The newness of the technology means many companies will price their offerings extremely high. Buyers must make sure that they are purchasing a top-of-the-line television for the exorbitant price they must pay. Here's a quick list of some of the best 4K TVs on the market.

5 Sony XBR 900 B 4K Ultra HD TV - $4,499.99+

The Sony XBR 900B 4K ultra HD TV is sure to become a leading 4K TVs after its release in the spring. This TV offers a higher standard of image quality that is unparalleled by the 1080p sets that dominate today's market. One of the top features for this television is its iconic design, featuring integrated front-facing speakers.

This allows for viewers to have a full home theater experience about having to purchase additional speakers. With the Triluminous display, brighter colors are offered then have ever been before, and with built-in WiFi, viewers are able to stream media from their computers or the web. With Netflix and YouTube planning on offering their own 4K programming, smart TVs like this one will be poised to take full advantage.

The Sony 900B 4K ultra HD TV comes in three sizes. This TV is available 55 inches, 65 inches, or 79 inches. This allows for consumers to purchase a television that will captivate viewers, yet be able to be functional within the home. These televisions come with, a beautiful built in stand, 3-D glasses, touchpad remote control, operating instructions, and much more. These Sony 4K TVs will be a great addition to any home entertainment system. The Sony 900 B premium 4K technology would be a great addition to any home entertainment system.

4 Samsung 55" & 65” Class (64.5" Diag.) LED 9000 Series 4k Ultra HD Smart TV - $4,499.99

Samsung is offering top of the line Ultra HD technology with their new LED 9000 Series 4K TVs. Not only do these TVs have amazing picture quality, but they have feature a beautiful enclosure that would be an attractive addition to any home. With a modern look, this television could accent an already modern home, or bring an interesting element into a home that sports a more classic feel. The contrast ratio on this television is top notch, with deep blacks a highlight of the picture quality on offer.

The Samsung LED 9000 is a cutting-edge smart TV, giving users a full multimedia experience without the need of an additional set-top box. Not only are viewers able to take advantage of the superior image quality, but users will be able to experience the ease of browsing through all of their pictures, music, movies, and TV shows. Like the Sony models, this Samsung has a lot of smarts to back up its looks.

3 LG  84" 4K Ultra HD TV - $17,000

For those looking for a more affordable option for a massive 80+ inch 4K TV, the LG 84" 4K Ultra HD TV hits the sweet spot. At less than half the cost of the Samsung 85 inch 4K TV, the $17,000 price point of the LG 84 inch 4K TV is, while still enormous, a much easier buy. This is still a very expensive TV, but LG is banking on the set being a draw for high-end gadget fanatics, as opposed to Samsung’s targeting of the market of affluent buyers who just have cash to burn.

Yet another smart TV, the LG 84 inch 4K TV distinguishes itself with a beautiful interface, which makes surfing through its features feel very similar to browsing through popular media outlets like Hulu and Netflix. This TV offers 3D functionality, an amazing image quality, and comes with a heavy duty TV stand which allows for easy installation of this massive TV. The LG's 84 inch enclosure is gorgeous as well, further proof that the 4K war won’t be won on specs alone, but on physical appearance.

2 Samsung 85" Class UHD S9 Series Smart TV - $39,999.99

This Samsung TV stands in a class of its own with its innovative and beautiful design. This is truly the TV of the future. With a strong metal stand, the 85 inch Samsung smart TV is a work of art. Samsung really hit the nail on the head when they decided to think outside of the box with this mode, which has caught the attention of many tech magazines and convention-goers en route to being deemed one of the most impressive TVs of 2014. This TV will surely be a mainstay in both the marketplace and Tech Pop Culture.

The price tag, though, makes it a difficult buy for the mainstream. This is not the TV for the average movie lover or TV junky though, but one designed exclusively for the upper class. At $40,000, this TV may be more of a status symbol than a high end electronic lover’s purchase. Basically a functional art piece to display in a living room, this TV is truly a luxury for those who have an excess of disposable income.

1 Sony XBR 950 B 4K Ultra HD TV - Price TBA

The Sony XBR 950 B is the bigger brother 4K TV to the recently mentioned Sony XBR 900B. One of the amazing features of this TV is the size. A massive 85 inch model is offered for those who are undaunted by the big price tag. The 950B offers three times the brightness range of most TVs, assuring an ideal picture for even the pickiest of viewers. The 85 inch model of this TV is one of the most exciting Televisions to come onto the market in 2014, thanks to the high quality format of 4K and the enormity of an 85 inch display. With entries like this into the market, the line between cinema and television will be blurred even further.

What's more, this TV offers a super resolution mode for video games, making this one of the best televisions on the market for avid gamers to purchase. The super resolution feature for games takes the already incredible graphics provided in new games, and makes them even crisper - an ideal feature for Sony's newly-released console, the Playstation 4. Sony also offers the most cutting edge 4K player technologies, adding to the ultra-high definition ecosystem of its 4K offerings. For those looking for the best buy they can make, this Sony TV is truly one of the greats of the 4K world.

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