The 10 Most Downloaded iPhone Apps of All Time

The Apple App Store, which was launched sometime in the year 2008, now houses more than 775,000 apps of all kinds which are compatible with most iOS devices – iPhones, iPads, and even the older iPod T

The Apple App Store, which was launched sometime in the year 2008, now houses more than 775,000 apps of all kinds which are compatible with most iOS devices – iPhones, iPads, and even the older iPod Touches. With this massive number of Apple apps, it should no longer come as a surprise to you to find that the Apple App Store is almost ready to announce its 50,000,000,000th download.

Of course, out of these 775,000 apps, there are those that have been downloaded most all over the world. Some of these apps are free while some are paid, but for only less than a dollar. So if you are wondering which apps these are, take a look at this list that we have created featuring the top ten most downloaded and popular apps of all time.

10 Skype (Free)

One of the main reasons why Skype has earned a spot on this list of the top ten most downloaded iPhone apps of all time is the fact that it is free. Aside from being a free download, it also allows users to call other Skype users at no cost at all. Skype’s iOS app has been given an excellent rating by PCMag not only for being a free app, but also because of its well developed and designed interface and impressive sound quality.

9 YouTube (Free)

Before, in the previous models of iPhones, the YouTube app was already pre-installed. So when Apple decided to remove it from its iOS devices, it did not come as a surprise that a lot of iPhone users were dissatisfied. Fortunately, YouTube developed its very own standalone app and had it launched in the App Store. Again, this app can be downloaded for free.

8 Instagram (Free)

When Instagram was still a brand new app, it was exclusively available for iOS devices only. While this extremely popular app has now been made available to Android phones, it still is one of the most downloaded and popular apps on Apple’s platform. Additionally, the developers of the app launched a new feature, which is called ‘Photos of You’. Photos of You allows users to tag their friends who are featured in their collection of filtered snaps. Instagram can be downloaded for free on both iOS and Android devices.

7 Pandora (Free)

Pandora is another iPhone app that you can get for absolutely no cost at all. It has become one of the most downloaded, popular, and long-standing apps for streaming music. It also has its own platform for iPads, which has been reviewed and given a good rating by PCMag as well.

6 Facebook (Free)

With Facebook having more than a billion users, it does not come as a surprise that the social media networking site also has its own app. If you have an account with this social networking site, chances are, you have the app installed on your iPhone. A recent update to the app has been launched, which is called the ‘Chat Heads’. Chat Heads allow users to multi-task while using the messenger service of the site.

5 Angry Birds Seasons (Paid)

Angry Birds, ever since it has been developed, rolled out, and launched, has become one of the most popular apps, both in the Apple iOS and the Android platforms. Now, this gaming app has a new version, which is called the Angry Birds Seasons. It is basically a spinoff to the original one, but the Angry Birds Seasons includes the Valentine’s Day version, Christmas version, Halloween version, St. Patrick’s Day version, and the Easter version. Also, the developer of the app, Rovio, added the Pink Bird character, which, as the name already suggests, is a fowl with pink feathers. The Pink Bird bats her eyelashes while blowing bubbles at the enemies to add spice to the game.

4 Cut the Rope (Paid)

Cut the Rope is a gaming app that was developed and created by ZeptoLab. The game play is basically based on physics, wherein the player would need to feed OmNom, a green monster who loves candies. In order to solve the puzzles successfully, the player needs to cut the rope where a piece of candy is attached to at the right moment so that OmNom can catch it. This exciting game does not come for free, but there is no need for you to worry as the app only costs less than a dollar, $0.99 to be exact.

3 Doodle Jump (Paid)

Doodle the Doodler is the star in this fun and enjoyable gaming app. The game, which is very easy to love and get addicted to, requires the players to have Doodle the Doodler travel and jump as high as the creature can, without bumping into the enemies or missing a platform. To control the star of the game, all you need to do is to tilt your phone to the left or to the right while aiming for springs or jet packs to boost the character even higher. The app can be purchased for only $0.99.

2 Fruit Ninja (Paid)

Fruit Ninja is a perfect way to pass time. The concept of this gaming app is quite simple – you would need to slice up the fruit being thrown all around the screen. While slicing up fruit may sound easy to you, it is actually challenging, which makes it an extremely addictive game. To enjoy the app, you just need to spend $0.99.

1 Angry Birds (Paid)

The number one spot on this list of the top ten most downloaded and popular iPhone apps of all time goes to Angry Birds. This is the first and original version of the game to ever come out. While it was released exclusively for Apple devices in December of 2009, the game was able to maintain its extreme popularity, with players of all ages getting addicted to it. App developer Rovio enjoyed around 8 million downloads in just 24 hours, which is why it is clear that this game deserves the first spot on the list. You can get the game for only $0.99.

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The 10 Most Downloaded iPhone Apps of All Time