The 10 Best Electric Cars On The Market

The future is now, and many new products that we have waited decades for are being unveiled before our very eyes. These products make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Thanks to modern science, everything is becoming more streamlined and efficient. Large developments in the world of energy have helped our world be more sustainable as well. Alternative forms of energy keep our world going in a much more efficient way than ever before.

Electric cars are some of the most amazing improvements in both modern energy consumption and modern transportation. The automotive industry has taken a huge leap forward in trying to solve the gas crisis that we have been faced with, trying to find a way around the rising gas prices that have encouraged companies to keep pushing forward when it comes to the newest alternatives for energy.

The best alternative lately has been high capacity battery packs that can simply be charged from an outlet on the wall. This keeps emissions down and helps consumers save money at the gas pump. These cars are great for individuals who are looking to help the environment one trip at a time.

While we are still in the beginning stages of electric cars, there are still those cars out there that stand out above the rest. These cars not only have great features, but they have great style as well - an important elements for people who have to drive them every day. No longer are there only a select few companies making electric cars. The electric car market is getting bigger and better, and luxury companies like BMW and Porsche are jumping into the game as well. There are now more options than ever for electric cars, and here are 10 of the best.


10 Chevrolet Spark EV

MSRP: $12,170+

Chevrolet has been doing a solid job in the world of electric cars. They are committed to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of electric cars. The Chevy Spark EV is an affordable automobile with a hefty tax credit of $7,500. With a range of 82 miles, this car would be a great option for a daily commuter, and is cheaper than some of the more expensive competition.

It comes in both a hybrid model ($12,170) and a full electric option ($26,685).

9 Chevy Volt


MSRP: $26,685

The Chevy Volt is one of the most popular and well known electric cars out on the market, largely thanks to the great job that American car manufacturer Chevrolet has done of marketing this model. The Volt has a 38 mile range, supplemented after that point by the traditional gas engine.

For those who are just running around town in this car, it's unlikely that they will ever have to fill up on gas. This car has a 380 mile range with the gas tank included. This is a great option for those who want to buy an affordable electric car while still having the option of a gas engine to back it up.

8 Fiat 500e

MSRP: $31,800+

Fiat is back at it again! Over the last little while, Fiat has revved up not only the sexiness of its advertisements, but the sexiness of its automobiles as well. The Fiat 500e plays off of the already very popular Fiat 500, but now implements an electric engine to allow for gas to not be an issue with this Fiat. The stylish interior and sleek body make this car a great choice for the younger generation. With an 87 mile range, this car is a great option for a way to get into the city, or make a daily commute.

7 Ford Fusion Energi


MSRP: $34,700

The Ford Fusion has been one of the most popular cars in the younger generation and middle aged crowd. Ford was pretty much forced to step up its game in the last five years, and it really shows in the company's new designs. The new Ford Fusion is a sleek and beautiful car that caters to many different drivers on the road.

The Energi edition of this car caters to those who want to help the environment as well. This car isn't completely dependent on its energy cell battery, as it only has a range of 21 miles, but it truly helps the gas mileage of this this automobile go through the roof.

6 Ford Focus Electric

MSRP: $35,170

The Ford Focus has been one of the most well-loved cars for younger adults for the last few years now. Starting a few years back, Ford made a big push towards making its cars top of the line when it came to performance and style.

The Ford Focus quickly became a new mainstay, much like the Taurus from the 90s. This new Ford Focus Electric gives drivers a range of 76 miles, which makes this car a great option for commuting to work or taking smaller day trips.

5 Honda Accord Plug-In


MSRP: $39,780

The Honda name has been synonymous with reliability ever since the company's earliest days selling the Super Cub motor bike, and the Honda Accord has been one of the greatest cars on the road for a long while, prized not only for reliability, but for features and luxury options as well.

The new Accord Plug-in Hybrid offers amazing gas milage after the 21 mile range battery has decharged. With gas mileage of over 100 MPG, you can see why more and more individuals are opting for a plug in hybrid electric car and not just the regular hybrid accord that used to be on the market.

4 Tesla Model S

MSRP: $69,900

Tesla Truly is the industry leader when it comes to electric cars, offering superior quality and infrastructure to its customers. That experience, however, does come at a price. The Tesla Model S is going to set back a driver a clean $70,000 (at least), making it a difficult buy for many environmentally conscious consumers.

That said, this is truly the top of the line electric sedan on the market, and it's produced by individuals who are pushing forward in the the electric car market more aggressively than pretty much any other company on the market. With a 265 mile range, this car is not going to have to be charged very regularly. This sedan can go for days and days of local driving. This is truly one of the greatest electric cars out on the market now.


3 BMW i3


MSRP: $42,275

Nope, this isn't a sci-fi movie; we are truly in the future with this BMW i3. It has switched the game up in a big way, particularly when it comes to how cars of the future are supposed to look.

This BMW looks like something right out of an Isaac Asimov story, or a movie like Blade Runner. This car isn't only about looks however. It has a 100 mile range, which allows drivers plenty of freedom for travelling in this car. It's a bold step into the future by BMW, both feature-wise and in aesthetics.

2 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid

MSRP: $99,000

What car list would be complete without a Porsche on the list? The Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid is easily one of the fanciest cars that we have on our list of best electric cars. Porsche has taken its popular sedan model and pushed it to the next level, making a hybrid vehicle that is both electric and gas friendly.

This 4-door luxury Porsche is pretty environmentally friendly, and is pretty gentle on your wallet (at least when it comes to gas) thanks to its amazing economy of 60 miles per gallon. This is saying a lot for a car that has top speeds of over 160 mph! With over 400 horsepower, this is truly one of the most impressive cars on this list.

1 Tesla Model X



Tesela is back on the list again with its amazing Model X. This is already one of the most anticipated electric cars on the market, so much so that there is already a waiting list to get one of these bad boys.

With a 230 mile range, the freedom in this electric car is grand. Are you ready to put on your sun glasses and arrive in style? The falcon doors on the Tesela Model X will allow you to do just that! This is truly one of the most stylish and luxurious electric cars around, and another sure win for Tesla. Thousands have already been pre-ordered, and that without a price being announced.

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