10 Gaming Laptops That Blow Away The Competition

We live in a world where technology is ever-changing, offering luxuries that were not available in the past. A great example is form factor; powerful computers have become much more portable with adva

We live in a world where technology is ever-changing, offering luxuries that were not available in the past. A great example is form factor; powerful computers have become much more portable with advanced laptop technology. The result is that laptops of today are much more powerful than the most powerful desktops of the past, and the increased mobility offers techies a whole new world of customization. Companies have spent a great amount of time and money developing and marketing these laptops to consumers. Where laptops used to be the exclusive domain of professionals who needed to take their work home, they have quickly become the computer of choice for many individuals. Students in college, for example, find it much more practical to have a laptop so they can take their computer to class with them.

The growth in computer power has also been a boon for gamers. PC gaming is an industry that has exploded over the past few decades, with games like StarCraft, League of Legends, SimCity, and many others becoming not only pastimes of people all over the world, but professional opportunities for those good enough to compete in the eSports arena. Despite the emergence and current popularity of video game consoles, PC gaming is a huge market for the videogame industry, and developers are constantly creating new games for the PC gaming market.

Though desktop computers are typically the device of choice for the gaming elite, there are many PC gamers who prefer to play their games on a laptop. Like in any industry, there are equipment options that stand out above the rest. Certain computer companies focus on creating high-end gaming laptops for consumers all over the world, devices that boast accelerated graphics cards, fast processors, and other features that allow for gamers to have the best accessibility with their games. Here is a list of some of the top gaming laptops on the market, premium choices for the discerning gamer of 2014.

10 Sager NP 8265 - $1,399+

The Sager NP 8265 is a great laptop for those who are looking to get a great gaming laptop on a smaller budget. The attractive design of this computer includes a beautiful backlit keyboard, as well as a track pad with custom designs. This computer also has many options for upgrading, allowing piece-by-piece modifications for those who are looking to build up their machine over time. The Sager NP 8265 gives users the choice between a 15 inch and a 17 inch screen, both of which would be solid picks for most gamers. It doesn’t offer the same wow-factor as some of the later additions on this list, but the sager NP 8265 is a great entry level laptop in the world of competitive gaming.

9 Falcon Northwest TLX - $2,676.50+

The Falcon Northwest TLX is a great laptop for those who want to have a lot of fun with external customization of their laptop. For those who want to set themselves apart within their group of friends, the massive selection of color options that the TLX offers is a great way to do this. The TLX also offers a wide array of different custom logos and designs that can be put on the laptop. This is a great laptop for those who are looking to be truly unique with their gaming lifestyle. On the hardware side, the TLX offers some pretty solid specs for the price, with a minimum of 8GB of memory and a 1 TB SSHD.

8 Digital Storm Behemoth - $2,534+

One of the greatest things about the Digital Storm Behemoth is the customer service that comes along with it. Most gaming laptops do not come with any warranty at all, but the Digital Storm Behemoth comes with a three year guarantee. On the Digital Storm website, users have access to forums, customer support phone numbers, and much more. For someone that wants a secure purchase, the Digital Storm Behemoth is a great computer for that purpose. It also has a phenomenal display, a built-in slid state drive, a solid graphics card, and integrated Blu-Ray player.

7 Falcon Northwest DRX - $3,143.50+

This Falcon Northwest DRX laptop is a head turner. The beautiful colors of this laptop, as well as its catchy logo, allow for individuals to have a laptop that really stands out above the rest. The exclusivity of this product, a virtue of its high sticker price, makes it an even more unique bird. The great thing about the Falcon Northwest DRX is the ease with which users can add new drives. This gives a wide amount of customization options for those who would want to add a solid state drive, a Blu-Ray player, or more. This computer is a heavy duty machine - quite literally. It is one of the heavier models on the market, so keep that in mind when thinking of portability.

6 Digital Storm Carbine - $1,799+

The most alluring feature of this laptop is the graphics card. Even on the most basic model of the Digital Storm Carbine, the graphics card that is installed is among the best on the market. This laptop has an above average amount of storage, with a minimum of 750 GB offering the user a large amount of space to store files. The beautiful brushed metal look of this laptop captivates both those who use it, and others who see it. What’s more, this model has advanced cooling technology, helping avoid the issues of high heat that can plague high-end gamers.

5 Battalion 101 W370ST - $1489+

This laptop is one of the top laptops on the market for customization. Pretty much everything on this laptop is customizable, and that is where the appeal for gamers lies. Gamers love to customize their computers, and this laptop allows for a huge amount of customization. With up to 16 GB of ram, this computer will be able to keep up with even the most intense games. This computer also has an HDMI port, allowing gamers to play their games on a larger TV or screen. This truly is a great laptop for those gamers out there who want lots of options for customizing their setup – and blazing speed besides.

4 Valkyrie CZ-27 V1 - $1429+

One of the most popular features of this laptop is its sleek design. The lightweight form factor of the laptop case, as well as its flexible price point, are ideal for those looking for a top-notch, easily customizable purchase. With a minimum of a 500 GB hard drive, users can hold off on investing in larger drives for the time being – or they can go all in and snag one of the 1 TB drives for a little extra. This laptop also has a stunning 1920x1080 HD resolution screen. This portable laptop not only delivers a massive amount of portability, but also offers user the ability to have very high quality of gaming at many price points.

3 MSI GT70 20D Dragon Edition 2 - $1729.99+

This laptop is just as epic as its name. A first look at this machine might elicit comparisons to a Lamborghini or a Ferrari, with the case sporting a very flashy look. For those who are looking to show off their computing power, it’s hard to touch this device for the wow-factor of its design. This model also comes with a 17 inch screen, so gamers will be able to become fully immersed into their favorite games, and an amazing tri color back lit keyboard as a little visual bonus. This computer also has a built in 720p HD webcam as well, and comes with 4 GB of video memory, an enormous hard drive, and a Blu-Ray read/write drive, completing the whole high-end package.

2 Origin Eon 17-S - $1,666+

This Origin Eon 17-S has a design that any gamer would love. With a beautifully back lit track pad and keyboard, gamers can enjoy their favorite game in any type of setting. The 1920x1080 HD display allows for only the crispest picture for gamers looking for a true high-definition experience. The NVIDA graphics card, offering up to 4 GB of video memory, allows gamers to not have to worry about their machine not being able to keep up with their favorite games. A built-in Blu-Ray drive further sweetens the deal, with gamers able to watch top-quality HD movies from the comfort of their laptop.

1 Alienware 18 - $2,099+

The Alienware 17 computer is a beast among gaming laptops. Alienware has led the industry in top gaming laptops for many years now, and the Alienware 17 continues to impress with a snazzy design and wicked speed. This laptop has a top of the line, 4th generation Intel Core processor that delivers impressive speeds that can keep up with all of a gamer’s needs. Lag will not be a problem, thanks to its cutting edge processing power, and a dual graphics card will handle virtually anything you throw at it with ease. With a minimum of 750 gigabytes of hard drive space, gamers can rest assured that they won’t be filling up this laptop any time soon.

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10 Gaming Laptops That Blow Away The Competition