Planned to design a Mobile App? Avoid these mistakes

mobile app design

Deciding to create a mobile app is a big step, and a potentially lucrative one. Top apps can generate huge revenues for their developers. It might be some time, and several apps down the road, before you start making serious money from your programming. That doesn't mean your first apps can’t be huge successes, especially if you avoid the common mistake that plague most new app developers.

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6 Have a flow map before doing wire-frame

Having a plan is imperative. Before jumping into wire framing or story-boarding your app, know where you’re going with it. A flow diagram is an invaluable tool that can help you keep your app properly structured. It will illustrate logical paths and show places where you might get stuck in a loop. It can also be used to plan out responses to user input choices and to optimize navigation layouts.


5 Avoid low resolutions & bitmaps

Modern mobile devices have very high resolution screen, They don't lend themselves well to low resolution images. Avoid using them at all costs. If not, your app can appear blurry or stretched as the device tries to scale your imagery to match the high-res screen.

If at all possible, avoid bitmaps, or any other fixed-size graphics, wherever possible. if the pixel count and aspect ratio of the image aren't perfect matched to the device screen, the imagery will appear distorted. Remember, how many different sizes and resolutions of device screen are out there? Certainly more than you have available for testing.

The best practice for images and graphics is to use vector-based objects. These will scale perfectly to fit any screen size and resolution.

4 Keep your users in the loop

In other words, don’t leave your users hanging, wondering if the app has malfunctioned or stopped working. Load times are unavoidable for most apps, but don't leave a static image, or worse a blank screen, in place while it’s happening. Use animations, slider or counters, something to let your users know that the app is still processing.

3 Don't copy from others

No one likes a bad copy. Blatantly ripping off an idea from another app is a sure way to get a bad reputation for yourself. Be original.

The same thing goes for operating systems. No one on Android wants to see and app that looks like it was designed for an iPhone, and vice versa. Each operating system offers a unique presentation platform for apps. Embrace it, use it to your advantage. Make users think your app belongs on their chosen device.

2 Don't forget gestures

It’s not all point and touch. Most devices on the market support many different forms of gestures. Incorporating these into your app can give users the feeling that they are using a very intuitive app and build the sensation of a quality product.

1 Conclusion

Building the nest great app will take time and dedication. You will make mistakes along the way, some large, others small. By following these few guidelines, you’ll avoid the majority of pitfalls that first-timers, and even some veteran developers, find themselves snared in. Avoiding them will also free up time and resources to help your move your project forward.

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