Five Essential Tools For Building A Youtube Career

The digital age has created brand-new media outlets for those who are looking to become noticed. No longer do we live in a world where television and film are the only options for those who want to be

The digital age has created brand-new media outlets for those who are looking to become noticed. No longer do we live in a world where television and film are the only options for those who want to become celebrities. Musicians, public speakers, comedians, actors, and musicians can now publish videos worldwide – for free – using the World Wide Web. Video sharing sites like YouTube have made it dead simple for individuals to reach a wide number of viewers with just the click of a button.

That said, becoming famous on YouTube is no easy task. It takes consistency and great videos to even have a chance at making a dent. Youtubers like L.A. Beast, Smosh, Ray William Johnson, and Jenna Marbles are just a few of the many that have managed to create a hugely profitable, high-quality show and release it to the world. All of them consistently put out great, attractive videos for their viewers to see, drawing in huge numbers of fans dedicated not just to a show, but to them.

A peson who wants to have a go at becoming famous on YouTube needs to understand that the quality of both video and audio are both hugely important. No one is going to watch a YouTube channel where the videos are low-quality. That’s why it’s so important to have top-of-the-line video equipment, lest an otherwise solid product becomes ignored on the grounds of its poor frame rate or a tinny sound. An investment in good production equipment is a step in the right direction for those looking to reach the heights of YouTube fame. Here are just a few suggestions for equipment to buy in pursuit of a profitable run on Youtube.

5 A High-End DSLR Camera

If someone is trying to create a YouTube channel with high-quality video, a DSLR camera can be a great buy. These cameras require a certain amount of photography knowledge, requiring prospective buyers to understand differences in shutter speeds, f-stops, interchangeable lenses, and sensor sizes. These types of cameras are usually best for those who already have a bit of experience with photography or filmmaking, making it difficult for someone who does not have prior knowledge of filmmaking or photography to get the focus and lighting right while shooting on a DSLR camera.

When someone decides to use a DSLR camera for their YouTube videos, they will also need to make sure that they have the required accessories. Most DSLR cameras do not have image stabilizers built-in, meaning users will need to use stabilizers and glide cams in order to achieve stable footage that isn't shaky. Slide tracks are also a very popular accessory for those who are using DSLR cameras. Using an image stabilizer and a slide track will allow filmers to have a very professional looking videos. Some of the most popular DSLR cameras are the Panasonic GH3, Canon T3i, and the Canon 5D Mark II.

4 A GoPro Hero 3+

If you are a YouTuber who is looking to have a channel with a lot of action on it, a GoPro Hero 3+ may be the right option for you. Buying a GoPro Hero 3+ would give YouTubers a portable, heavy-duty camera that can produce stunning 1080 HD footage. For individuals trying to capture snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, wake boarding, or other action sports for their YouTube channel, it’s tough to beat a GoPro for price and quality.

GoPro cameras have also gotten to the point where their footage is comparable with most DSLR cameras. You won't be able to get as much of a cinematic feel, but the ease-of-use and portability help to make up for that. They’re great for a YouTube videographer who wants to take the camera traveling, and can even fit within most pockets. For someone who will presumably need to travel with a bunch of other gear to take part in whatever they’re filming with the GoPro, the form factor is a definite plus.

3 A Wireless Microphone

Wireless microphones make a huge difference in the quality of the YouTube videos that are recorded. Many wannabe YouTubers want to do reviews, how-to guides, tutorials, and opinions of current events. For these types of videos, crystal clear audio is crucial. There’s an immediate advantage to investing in a better quality microphone, as most people upload videos with sub-par audio quality. They’re fine for people just messing around, but they won’t make the cut for individuals trying to get famous on YouTube.

Wireless microphones are great solution to this problem. Most cameras nowadays have audio inputs which allow for these external microphones to be used. These wireless microphones either come in handheld or clip microphone styles, making it easy to choose the correct type of wireless microphone, for the style of video that you're trying to produce. These wireless microphones will give you the ability to have the high audio quality that is necessary for success, and without the inconvenience and ugliness of long wires.

2 LED Film Lights

The lighting that you have in your videos will contribute a lot to the image quality that is captured by your camera. By having 3 to 5 LED film lights, the quality of your video will be increased immensely. Not only will the quality of your video be markedly improved, but you will feel much more professional about the videos that you are filming. You will also need to make sure to buy a few tripods to mount the LED film lights onto.

LED film lights work best when all the house lights in the room are turned off while filming, and they work very well when there is a backdrop included. Canvas backdrops can be purchased online for a very reasonable price. There are even some kits that YouTubers can buy, offering tripods, LED film lights, and a canvas backdrop. These simple additions to your film equipment won’t cost much money, but bring the quality of your videos to a higher, more professional level.

1 A Good Computer With Editing Software

With so many eager faces rushing to become famous on YouTube, your videos really have to stand out. It won't cut it to just upload plain videos that have no music or interactive features. You will need to invest in a high-end computer and editing software, and then learn how to use it. The software doesn’t come cheap (to say nothing of the computer), so make sure that you choose a program that you like and stick with it. Some of the best editing suites out there include Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Sony Vegas.

For those looking to add an even more advanced touch, there are other software programs available, offering a focus on color correction, animations, and effects. These include programs like Adobe After Effects and Magic Bullet Looks, both great programs to become familiar with if you want to have high-end videos on YouTube.

Picking out the right computer for your video editing is also an important decision. Some may prefer the portability of a laptop, however the processing power of a desktop computer cannot be ignored. Most video editing professionals prefer to edit on a Macintosh computer, with Apple computers the industry standard for video editing since the 90s. A MacBook Pro, or high-end Apple iMac should be able to easily handle any video editing you might need to do. Remember that high definition video footage can fill up your computer's internal hard drive pretty fast, so you may want to invest in an external hard drive to store extra footage on. By having these external hard drives, you will also be able to save all of your old footage in the event that your channel gets deleted or hacked.

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Five Essential Tools For Building A Youtube Career