5 Ways Amazon Will Shock The World

Together with other tech giants like Google, Facebook and Apple, Amazon is one of the juggernaut internet companies that is never afraid to evolve, innovate and try new things. Amazon is already 20 years old, and their next 20 years should be just as exciting. Here are 5 ways to Amazon will continue to shock, awe and inspire the world.

5 Amazon 3D Smart Phones:


4  Amazon’s Highly Advanced Web Services:


Amazon has a user base of over 78 million in the United States and over 225 million customers worldwide. Do you know how mind-boggling that is when you think about all the orders and deliveries they need to process every single day? To be as successful as they are, their technical back-end and programming interfaces have to be absolutely spectacular, and that’s why Jeff Bezos is banking on Amazon’s Web Services to be one of their major areas for expansion in the future. In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Jeff Bezos revealed that his company has been approached by several companies for their technical expertise, and he even shared that they are building a private cloud service for the CIA. In other words, instead of just mastering the art of selling products in the coming future, Amazon will probably be behind the scenes of some of the biggest and complicated companies in the world, supporting the technology and programming to ensure everything runs smoothly.

3 Amazon’s Unbelievably Efficient Delivery Services:


If Amazon has its way, the maximum delivery time for anything you order online won’t be anything more than a few hours – no matter where you live. How are they going to accomplish this? Well, by now you have probably already heard about the infamous futuristic delivery drones that Jeff Bezos introduced during that memorable Charlie Rose interview. Well, we can all agree that we are decades away from having drones flying through the air and delivering products to our doorsteps. However, Amazon has invested boldly in state of the art fulfilment centers all over the world. The company has close to a hundred large warehouses worldwide where orders are quickly fulfilled and made ready to ship with the utmost efficiency. Not to mention the recent introduction of Amazon Fresh, the new service from Amazon providing delivery of perishable/edible items right to your front door. They accomplish this by establishing relationships with local groceries, farmers markets and delis. Get ready, there will soon be a time when you can get anything you want from Amazon and have it delivered almost instantly.

2  Amazon’s Original Programming Push:

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In the same way that HBO and Netflix have been making a killing recently with great original shows like Game of Thrones, True Detective, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Amazon is also jumping into this lane in a very major way. Amazon On-Demand is currently working on unveiling several new shows. These include The After, a new sci-fi /paranormal series by X-files creator Chris Carter; Bosch, a new detective series about a Los Angeles reporter based on the Michael Connelly novels; Mozart in the Jungle, a half-hour comedy about professionally trained musicians starring Gael Garcia Bernal; and Transparent, a show starring Jeff Tambor about grown-up rich kids and their relationship with their Dad. Amazon is also working on two new kids shows called Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street and Wishenpoof! This is an addition to the political drama Alpha House starring John Goodman which has been renewed for a second season.

We already mentioned how competitive Mr. Bezos is, so he certainly won’t rest until he has garnered a solid share of the online, on-demand viewing market.

1 Controlling All the Books you Read:

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Amazon started off in 1994 selling primarily books, and over the last two decades, they have grown to be so much more. However, being the #1 online outlet for books is one business they never want to relinquish control off. Even Amazon’s recent forays into creating proprietary hardware (Kindle, Fire phone) have all been made with the bigger picture of making it easier for customers to buy literature purchased through Amazon. When it comes to keeping their unavoidable presence in this market, they are not afraid to use strong arm tactics. Recently, Amazon got into a dispute with book publisher Hachette over pricing of their titles. After the contract negotiations went south, Amazon resorted to unseemly tactics like suggesting alternate book titles when customers ordered books from Hachette authors, and sometimes even telling customers that their delivery of Hachette books would take weeks. This disagreement will most like be settled in due time, but you can be sure that going forth into the next decades, Amazon will do whatever it can to be the retail interface between you and any form of literature you decide to purchase.

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