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2012 Mobile Phone Concepts

2012 Mobile Phone Concepts

Nokia Kinetic Concept

This is a Nokia concept phone created by a designer called Jeremy Innes-Hopkins known as the Nokia Kinetic concept.

The phone is not just called Kinetic for fun. It gets its name from a feature of it. The phone has an electro-magnetic base which causes the phone to stand-up when a call is received. To reject the call, simply tap on the phone and it will go back to its previous position.

This feature is especially useful for video calling purposes and also can be used as a better way to view videos rather than with a kickstand, although landscape viewing might not be possible.

The main aspect of the phone is it’s design. The designer doesnt seem to have bothered much with the specifications. All we know is that it has a large borderless touchscreen, camera, mini-USB port etc.

While it all looks great in the photos, the phone seems a tad too thick for the pockets and anyway, like most concepts, this might also never see the light.

Verizon Launching Voice Over LTE in 2012 with LG Revolution

Verizon has been taking a lot of flak from AT&T lately for the current state of its network, with its inability to handle a voice call simultaneously with data. Understandably, the company is already looking towards the future to explore new ways to manage the transmission of both voice and data feeds. Voice calls are still digital data, but those connections are broadcast and routed via a different system than internet-bound packets. We’ve seen evidence that Verizon is working on a 3G solution to carry both voice and data over the same radio session, and now it looks like the company has the same in mind for 4G LTE.

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