15New Home Button Technology

via apple.com

Apple has replaced the stationery mechanical home button, exchanging it with a static variation that's force-sensitive. Rather, than a button that physically needs to be pressed, the new home button will use Apple's Taptic Engine to click back at users. Vibrations conveyed through the home button will be used as notifications,

with distinctive bells and whistles for things like text messages and calls.

Getting rid of mechanical parts means scarcer breakages, and sanctions Apple to create a watertight casing. We’ve seen replacements like this before from Apple, the click-wheel that serviced the first iPod is archaic in its nature. Thinking back to the thumb wars we as a culture ‘endured’ just trying to navigate through the prehistoric library of music seems almost nostalgic, and safe to say we won't be using our new iPhones in such a primitive manner.

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