10 Things You Didn't Know Your Apple Watch Could Do

things you didn't know the apple watch could do

There are certain items that are as much status symbols as they are practical things that you will use on a daily basis. The Apple Watch is a fine example. Those who walk around sporting their Apple Watches on their wrists as they live their lives are unintentionally announcing to the world that they are on top of the digital world and also that they are willing to splash the cash to make such a purpose and own the first piece of its kind. Whether or not the Apple Watch has been a success has been a debated topic in the financial and technological industries, but you can be sure that we have not yet seen the last of the product. Its place in society has, in fact, not yet been cemented.

As with any newer piece of technology, there are likely things about your Apple Watch that you did not know it could do or that you have forgotten about long after you first read up about it on a blog or similar website. You can, as an example, use your Apple Watch to locate your iPhone that somehow slipped in-between the cushions of your couch. The Apple Watch can also be customized to send certain messages to friends and family members, a cool feature for a wireless mobile device that does not come with its own keyboard but that can sync with other devices.

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11 Activate Siri With Your Voice

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iPhone users are likely aware that they can open Siri by talking to their phone when it is charging. A similar process can be utilized to open Siri on your Apple Watch. Saying “Hey Siri” will activate that portion of the Apple Watch, and you can then use Siri as you would with your iPhone or with your iPad. This can be a useful option when you are on the go and you want to learn directions to a particular destination, or if you wish to open up an app on a device that has a screen much smaller than what is found on other Apple products.

10 Open Apps With Siri

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A positive about the Apple Watch is that it, like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, has a library of apps that can be installed. One negative with the Apple Watch is that the app icons that appear on the screen are rather tiny due to the size of the watch's screen. No worries, however, as you can dance around this issue through activating Siri with your voice. Once you do that, say either “launch” or “open” followed by the name of any app that you want to open. This is a cool feature that comes with the Apple Watch that is also practical.

9 The Glances Control Center

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In a feature that is similar to those found in current versions of the iPhone and the iPad, there are certain portions of the phone that can be controlled without you needing to open any app. Swiping up on the face of the watch opens a so-called “Control Center” that has four different icons. You can, on this screen, put your Apple Watch into “airplane mode,” you can activate and deactivate the watch's “do not disturb” function, and you can silence the watch. Swiping right on this screen allows you to put the Apple Watch into “Power Reserve” mode. Swipe right again to view your heart rate. Users can also, through the control center, locate their iPhones in certain situations when the phone has been misplaced.

8 Locate iPhone

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You can use your Apple Watch to find your iPhone by first activating the previously mentioned Control Center. From there, press the iPhone icon that is found at the bottom of the watch's screen. A noise will then sound from your misplaced phone. It is important to remember that the phone must be within Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch for this to be an available option. Those of you who leave your iPhone at a restaurant a couple of blocks away will still have to retrace your steps to locate the device, but the Apple Watch can come in handy for such searches if you are looking for a phone that you know is in your living room.

7 Take Screenshots

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Want to showcase how you have customized the face of your Apple Watch, or are you merely looking to play around with the device's different features? Just as with your iPhone and your iPad, you can easily take a screenshot on your Apple Watch. Pressing down on the side button and on the Digital Crown will take an instant screenshot of what is appearing on the screen of the watch. Remember that this is as delicate a feature as it is on other Apple devices, so do not be surprised if it takes you multiple attempts to get the process exactly right.

6 Force the Apple Watch to Reboot

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It is important to remember while using the Apple Watch that, just as with other “smart” devices that you own, the watch is truly a mini computer. There are going to be instances when it malfunctions or freezes from time to time. Shutting down the Apple Watch may not be possible when you encounter these issues, but you hopefully will not have to head on over to Apple support for help. Press and hold down on the side button and then the Digital Crown for at least 10-to-15 seconds to force a reset. You will know that you have been successful when the Apple icon appears on the face of the watch.

5 Silence Your Apple Watch With Your Palm

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Open the Apple Watch app found on your iPhone. Then go to “My Watch,” “Sounds & Haptics” and then “Cover to Mute.” Press the “Cover to Mute” button to change it to green, which is how you will know that the option is now active on your Apple Watch. Doing so will give you the option of powering off the screen of your Apple Watch by holding your opposite palm over the watch's face for a couple of seconds. The watch will make a buzzing sensation when it has been placed into silent mode, a feature that can be useful when you are in a situation that requires such devices to remain unheard.

4 Prepare Custom Messages

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Your Apple Watch can do a lot of things, but it does not allow users to type directly via the device. While this may present somewhat of an annoyance, you can save a few custom messages on the watch via your iPhone. Open the Apple Watch app on the phone, and then go to the “My Watch” option. From there, go to “Messages” and then “Default Replies.” Enter the custom message/messages of your choice, and they will be saved. You will also have the option of seeing and editing the replies that have been loaded/saved on the iPhone.

3 Open Apple Watch to Last Used App

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While it is a smart device, the Apple Watch is also your standard watch that shows the time when it is awoken from the sleep mode. Perhaps there is an instance when you would prefer the phone to go back to the last app that you were utilizing before it entered its sleep mode. To activate this function, begin by going to the “Settings” screen. Open “General” and then “Activate on Wrist Raise.” Choose the “Last Used App” option of the two that are on the screen. Your Apple Watch will now open to the app that you were last using whenever you flick your wrist to awaken the device.

1 Clear All Notifications At Once

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Does it feel as if your Apple Watch is running a bit slower than normal, or are you simply looking to get rid of all of the notifications on the phone all at once? Doing so takes only a couple of steps. Swipe down on the screen to activate the “Notifications” option. Press and hold down on the screen, known as “Force Touch,” and a “Clear All” option will appear. Press that and the notifications are instantly cleared. There is no fail-safe or way to go back from doing this, so be sure that you want to clear all of the notifications before you complete this process.

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