10 Apps For The Savvy Traveller

Ever since the day we graced this Earth, man has grown accustomed to travelling. Whether it has been the number of different nomadic tribe’s right up to today’s businessman, this thirst for adventure never ceases to amaze.

On the other hand, these desires, as well as passions to travel, have ensured we dust off that passport and fling ourselves to a wide variety of exotic and diverse locations. Some may be going on a business trip, while others may be going for simple pleasure. Regardless of what situation you are in, the adventure and the opportunity to explore has never been greater.

This is largely in thanks to the burst of online travel companies, not to mention price comparison sites, where you can have the ability to enjoy a wealth of savings to far flung destinations.

Meanwhile, with so many cultures and different types of cuisine to choose from, there is a real sense of discovery in every destination that you experience. In spite of the fact that we are more time constrained due to longer working hours and technology, that has not detracted from the array of apps that have sprung up.

Although you can get to your holiday hotspot via planes, trains or automobiles, our tech devices has allowed us to engage and interact like never before. This desire for travel has seen a range of snappy apps on both the Google Play and ITunes store that can help you plan your trip as well as much more.

Both smartphones and tablets give us even greater access than ever before, not only through communication, but how we have come to rely on them when it comes to travelling. After all, there is no better feeling than checking in and going onto a plane with seamless ease. From organising to currency converters, here is the rundown of the top 10 apps for the savvy traveller.


10 Tripit

This particular app is an essential tool if you want to go about organising your specific travel needs. Tripit encourages you to put everything into a main schedule. You can find it across all the main platforms including the likes of Android, BlackBerry and even Windows based smartphones. You can also locate it either on your iPhone or iPad. This covers plenty of vital things as far as planning a trip is concerned such as bookings, car hire and flights. In fact, you can enjoy email confirmations that simply are forwarded to your own Tripit account. It then creates a one stop itinerary with added benefits from directions up to the minute weather forecasts.

9 Expensify


If you find yourself juggling the numbers and don’t have the brain of a financial expert then why not look at Expensify. This particular travel management app ensures you can manage your expenses accordingly. It gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on a myriad of things including mileage. This is one of the ultimate apps if you are a busy business traveller on the move. All you need to do is simply upload your expenditures and scan them accordingly all with one click of a button.

8 XE Currency

Considered to be one of the ultimate currency converters, XE Currency is extremely easy to use and most importantly is quick to navigate. Its functionality is seamless and covers an extensive range of currencies. Furthermore, you can look at graphs from the previous 30 days and keep a choice of your most used currencies.

7 Gate Guru


For those who are in need of making airports that little bit easier to navigate then Gate Guru should be on your app list. It has the ability to transform confusing surroundings into a much simpler journey. It will allow you to access the best shops not to mention restaurants and more at the swipe of a finger. This is especially the case if you have time to kill during a layover or a connecting flight. Other areas that it covers feature finding the nearest cash points or ATM’s which covers the majority of airports in both the U.S. and Canada.

6 Bump

This cutting edge app allows those business folk the chance to create your very own business card that you can distribute to your associates and other key contacts. This means you will be able to exchange details in a novel way and offers numbers and files which you virtually bump together directly on your device.

5 Evernote


This app has been on the market for some time but Evernote never ceases to deliver in terms of the travelling experience. This all in one organiser helps you share texts as well as voice notes and images.

4 Sunscreen

If you have ever wanted to find out when to slap that sun lotion without all the hassle, than Sunscreen is a must. This vital bit of kit is for those who are off to sunnier climates and has the ability to find out specific UVI ratings according to your actual location. This app acts as a timer and will tell you when you should put on the next bit of sunblock. With just a few personal details such as skin type and lotion factor, you can relax and unwind with consummate ease.


3 Tipulator


If you have been struggling to find those extra dollars, euros or yen then fear no more as Tipulator is here to save your service woes. Wherever you may be in the world, you don't need to cause offence with how much you leave thanks to this clever tip calculator. It will also assist in dividing bills and avoid any social misdemeanours.

2 HopStop

Hopstop helps you take advantage of finding the best routes on different types of global transport systems. Having an unrecognisable system can be a nightmare but with this app it can enable you to find the ideal train or bus routes.

1 Wikitude


If you have got a bit of wikitude, than you can profit from one of the trendiest apps around. The theme is all around augmented reality which is a growing tech phenomenon. Now you can use it while on vacation by placing the camera housed inside your smartphone across several terrains or areas. The rest is easy as bits of information will suddenly appear from nowhere allowing you to enjoy everything around the surrounding areas.

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