3First things first

Here are some things you might not know about the strip club industry

1. Most strip clubs do not pay strippers to dance: It’s the other way around, strippers pay to dance at strip clubs. This is confirmed by Menagerii who said it’s a myth that the dancers are paid

by the hour. Strippers pay the club a flat fee per shift to dance. The strippers earn money through tips. Aside from the flat fee they also have to give the club 10 percent of their tips.

How long is a shift? She says usually six hours where she works. Her flat fee or stage fee is $35 to $50. If a girl wants to work double shift she has to pay double the stage fee.

2. Tips to strippers vary depending on the customer.

3. Most strip clubs do not consider dancers as regular workers. Many strip clubs consider them more like independent contractors who are not entitled to benefits.

4. Like other workers strippers have a union: The Exotic Dancers Union represents the rights of strippers across the country. Aside from this group there are also other dancer support groups like the We are Dancers.

5. Strippers are hard to go after where taxes are concerned. This was a fact that some of them acknowledged.

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