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Young High-Earners: Highest Average Starting Salaries

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Young High-Earners: Highest Average Starting Salaries

All across the globe, whether in good economy or bad, young people fresh out of college leave the relative comforts and security of schooling behind and go out into the “real world.” Many of them are searching for the perfect career; their dream job. That nebulous idea of ‘dream job’, to many green professionals, is at the intersection of something that they love, that is fun and exciting, and that pays well.

The first two can be hard to predict as they are very subjective, but the last one can be easily compared since there is lots of hard data to back it up. Now, as fresh college graduates are reviewing their options for their first jobs, they are starting to look hard at the data available to see which country and what jobs have the most competitive starting salaries across the globe.

Here we present five countries with the highest average starting salaries and the five fields with the highest starting salaries.

Countries with the Highest Average Starting Salaries

5. Belgium


Belgium’s average starting salary for fresh graduates sits at $100 per day or about $12.50 per hour. The rates are not very rigid and companies usually adjust their offer starting salaries to new graduates depending on their qualifications. However, the lowest end of the starting salary average is at $72.96 per day or $9.12 per hour for everyone already aged 21 and has no prior experience. For people aged 21 and above who have a bit of experience from at least six months of service in a company, that minimum rate becomes $74.88 per day or $9.36 per hour.

4. France


Country of monarchs and fashionistas is also royally great for fresh graduates looking for a job. The average starting salary here is $104.80 per day or $13.10 per hour.

Of course, not everything is as great as what it might first seem. The high salary rates here are balanced by high standards of living, which can easily gobble up the pay of a young professional just starting out, especially if it happens in a French city locale.

3. Monaco


Monaco’s program for starting salaries is almost the same as that used in France, only much better. This small country’s average starting salary is about $110 a day or $13.75 per hour. Depending on the qualifications of the fresh graduate, however, that figure can go down to as low as $76 per day or $9.50 an hour. Even better, the standard of living here is a bit lower than that of the country at number four, so there’s a better chance for young professionals to save some of their hard-earned money here.

2. Luxemburg

Corniche am Boulevard Roosevelt in Luxemburg Stadt, Großherzogtum Luxemburg

Little country with big surprises. Luxemburg sits on the penultimate spot of our list of the top five countries with the highest average starting salaries for new graduates. The average hourly rate here for fresh graduates is pegged at $15 or a daily wage of $120.

Companies in the country, however, can choose to lower that salary down to a minimum of $10.83 per hour or $86.64 per day for adults those deemed unqualified. Those qualified usually get 20% higher than those unqualified. For adolescents, the minimum pay for a fresh graduate is about $65 per day or $8.13 per hour.

1. Australia


Australia, the beer-guzzling, fun-loving, laid-back country, is one of the best places to work in for fresh graduates in terms of salary rates.  The state has issued formal guidelines for starting salaries, and the Federal Government has to follow and enforce the Fair Work Act. As in most other countries, the rates can be adjusted by the company looking to hire a fresh graduate, but the minimum salary must be $10.22 per hour or $81.76 per day. On average, however, first-time employees can expect an hourly wage of about $16 or a daily pay of $128.

Fields with the Highest Average Starting Salaries

5. Finance



Accountants, bankers, investors all fall under the field of finance. This field is also one of the most popular among young people. No surprise there, of course, because these fields can be found in just about every company. The people in this field handle the financial aspect of companies, often involved in records-keeping, budgeting, investing, and financial forecasting.

The average starting salary for someone in finance, and sometimes in accounting, are pegged at $183 per day or $22 per hour. Later on, some finance and accounting guys can make up to $100,000 annually.

4. Management Information Systems


People in management information systems deal not just with computer maintenance or network management, they are also in charge of the flow and security of data contained in the company’s databases. People here usually have access to almost all levels of information in the company. The average starting salary in this field is $205 daily or $25 hourly.

3. Aeronautics


Astronauts, rocket scientists and engineers, and aeronautical engineers are art of this field; an exciting, literally out-of-this-world experience. The work is of a certain difficulty and needs people who are both fit mentally and physically. The average starting salary for work in this field is $208 per day or $25 per hour.

2. Computer Science


Related to management information systems, the fresh graduates who enter the workforce through these fields can expect to be given a starting salary of $211 per day or $26.5 per hour. Later on, people in computer sciences can get paid about $120,000 annually.

1. Engineering


There are many kinds of engineering but most of the highest average starting salaries can all be lumped together in the field that take the top spot on our list. A fresh graduate with very little to no experience can immediately be paid an average of $85,000 per year or a daily rate of $272 or an hourly rate of $34. In the future, engineers can demand up to $500,000 annually depending on the kind of engineering that is his or her expertise.

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