10 Of The Fastest-Growing Jobs In Health Care

Do you know what the fastest growing job sector in the United States is? It’s healthcare, and it’s growing fast. A quick peek at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website reveals that jobs in healthcare

Do you know what the fastest growing job sector in the United States is? It’s healthcare, and it’s growing fast. A quick peek at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website reveals that jobs in healthcare are among those most-expected to increase in demand. Even jobs intended to support those who are in healthcare (aides, assistants, etc.) are going to see big improvements in job availability, so don’t go thinking that doctors are the only ones we’ll be needing down the line.

With people living longer and healthier lives thanks to the advancement of medicine, we have more elderly around than ever before. This means we’re going to need more people in healthcare to help take care of them. It’s pretty logical when you think about it, and it explains why healthcare is in such high demand. That’s why some of these jobs (including the highest-projected job on this list) are about helping people do basic things rather than flat out curing them. You’d be surprised how many people struggle just to wash their dishes, or even themselves.

More than half of the jobs listed here are for aides and assistants. That’s right, you won’t need to go to medical school to take advantage of the booming job market that healthcare is moving towards. Even more surprising: the job with the biggest projected increase doesn’t require a high school diploma - just don’t expect a fat paycheck!

But if you’re interested in a more technical job in healthcare, you won’t be disappointed. A couple of these jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, so you’ll get your fair share of medical knowledge along the way. The more technical fields will let you can work in genetics, as a teacher, or even with sonogram machines, which cost thousands of dollars (upwards of $200,000 actually).

Who knows, maybe this list will inspire you to hop on the ever-growing healthcare market yourself. Wages and projections provided by bureau of labor statistics.

10 Health Specialties Teachers, Postsecondary

Median Salary: $81,140

Leading off this countdown are health specialty teachers. With healthcare becoming a bigger job market, it’s only natural that more teachers are needed to teach incoming workers. If you’ve been looking to get into the teaching business, this could be a smart bet for an area to pursue. These teachers instruct students in subjects like medicine, dentistry, public health, and even veterinary medicine. Definitely more than few ways a person could go.

This job is projected to increase by 36.1% by 2022. With a median wage of $81,140 yearly, this is a definitely a career worth looking into.

9 Occupational Therapy Aides

Median Salary: $26,850

These professionals work under the supervision of occupational therapists and their assistants. Though this job is in the healthcare field, it focuses more on clerical work, workstation prep, and basic cleaning. Most of the patient interaction OT aides have is in transporting patients and helping them with their paperwork.

The median annual wage for this job is $26,850 per year. It’s not a huge amount, but with the demand for the position projected to increase by 36.2% by 2022, getting a job shouldn’t be terribly difficult.

8 Physician Assistants

Median Salary: $90,930

Physician assistants (PAs) work as a medical team with other physicians or surgeons. Although they’re technically assistants, they’re fully licensed to perform examinations and give treatments. A PAs training and education is very similar to a regular doctor’s, they just happen to work under their direction.

PA’s have a median annual wage of $90,930, with a projected increase in demand of 38.4%. This is one of those technical medical fields, so if you’re interested doing a lot (a WHOLE lot) of learning, this could be a perfect fit.

7 Skincare Specialists

Median Hourly Rate: $14/hour

If the idea of working in a day spa sounds appealing, check out this career. A skincare specialist’s job is to evaluate a paitent’s skin and provide treatment to make it look its absolute best. They do this through massages, facials, and the application of creams and lotions. They also provide advice on how to care for skin, and can refer people to dermatologists if they have serious skin problems.

The median hourly rate for this job is about $14, so it’s probably best to really love the job before actively pursuing it. That said, with its projected growth of 39.8%, the increase in demand may lead to better wages down the line.

6 Physical Therapist Aides

Median Salary: $23,880

These guys have the same duties as occupational therapist aides, which is to provide indirect support for therapists and their patients. This includes cleaning treatment areas, directing patients, and doing clerical work. They basically make sure that everything is going smoothly in the background, ensuring a good environment for rehabilitation.

The median annual wage for this career is $23, 880. The demand for these individuals is projected to increase by 40.1%, which is a pretty impressive amount.

5 Physical Therapist Assistants

Median Salary: $52,160

Not only do physical therapists need aides, but they need assistants as well.

Unlike aides, physical therapist assistants (PTAs) directly help patients with their treatment. They observe patients throughout therapy, taking note of how effective the treatment is. They also treat patients with massages and stretching, and educate patients on how to maintain their physical health beyond the treatment they are receiving with them.

The median annual wage for physical therapists assistants is a solid $52,160. The job growth is projected to see a 41% increase over the next several years.

4 Genetic Counselors

Median Salary: $56,000

Genetic counselors have the interesting occupation of letting people know how likely they (or a potential baby) are to develop some kind of disease. Based on that information, patients can make lifestyle decisions to improve their future outlook.

To become a genetic counselor requires people to at least get a masters degree in genetics or genetic counseling. The median yearly wage for genetic counselors is about $56,000. Prospective job-seekers can expect a 41.2% increase in job demand as time goes on.

3 Occupational Therapy Assistants

Median Salary: $53,240

These assistants team up withoccupational therapists to help people with a physical handicap. This includes senior citizens who can’t get around as easily as they used to, those suffering from some kind of chronic condition (e.g. Parkinson’s), and those who need rehabilitation after an injury. Together, they come up with treatment plans and make sure that they are followed.

The median annual wage for this career is $53,240. There’s a projected 42.6% increase in job availability.

2 Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

Median Salary: $65,860

Chances are you’ve seen this job on television; they’re the ones on the job when moms get the goop on their stomachs to check how their unborn babies are doing. But this career isn’t just limited to scanning for birth defects. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers also check for things like cysts, cancer, and many other hidden problems that patients couldn’t otherwise know about.

A career in sonography requires at least an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The median annual wage is $65,860, and demand for the job is projected to increase by 46% over time.

1 Home Health Aides

Median Salary: $20,820

At the top of the countdown are home health aides. Home health aides are around to make the lives of the sick and/or elderly better. They not only do basic medical checkups (check temperature, pulse, etc.), but also help with things like bathing, cooking, and doing chores around the house. The job is very suitable for the jacks-of-all trades of the world.

Though the median annual wage is only $20,820, some people might find there is great satisfaction in helping people have a better quality of life. With a projected 48.5% increase in job availability, more and more people will be needing this kind of care, and the caregivers required to administer it, as time goes on.

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10 Of The Fastest-Growing Jobs In Health Care