Top 10 In Demand Jobs in the U.S.

Times have changed. The jobs that were in demand a couple of years ago are no longer in demand these days. The growing need for positions to be filled differ from what was required many years ago. Just recently, a survey of 1,300 U.S. employers was conducted and the results show that out of the 10 jobs that are hard to fill, 6 jobs require only a high school diploma. The rest of the jobs necessitate college degrees and other educational requirements. Salaries significantly vary, jobs could start with an annual pay of $25,000 to more than $110,000.

Most of these occupations are related to commerce, computer technology, medicine, and health care. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these in demand jobs have more openings, which are not enough for the current stream of qualified candidates to fill. Most employers are having a hard time filling some of these positions.

Here is a list of the top 10 latest in demand jobs in the U.S.

10 Receptionist

Taking the job of a receptionist may be a lowly position but it is a good stepping stone to obtain a more significant position in the company. A high school diploma or its equivalent is required to qualify for this position with a median annual salary of $25,240. Almost every industry employs a receptionist. A receptionist’s job entails the usual administrative tasks like answering telephones and providing information to clients and the general public. This position is projected to grow about 24 percent through 2020.

9 Customer Service Representative

This position requires a high school diploma or its equivalent with a median annual pay of $30,460. The role of a customer service representative is to interact with the company’s or organization’s customers, answer queries, handle complaints, and act as a liaison to find solutions to problems that may be beyond his or her main responsibilities. Individuals who are tolerant in dealing with stress and pressure can handle this kind of job. Banks, insurance companies, retailers, and other industries employ individuals for the customer service representative position.

8 Administrative Assistant

Secretaries are given a new job name: administrative assistants. Their duties involve routine clerical and organizational tasks including organizing files, drafting correspondence and scheduling appointments. The education requirement for this job is a high school diploma or its equivalent. An administrative assistant’s median annual salary is $34,660, and the demand for this job is likely to grow 12 percent through 2020. Because of the advancement in technology, administrative assistants working from home have increased in recent years. Schools, hospitals, legal, medical, and government offices require this position.

7 Sales Representative

Sales representatives are not just the usual salesmen type of job. These are the ones who are doing the nitty-gritty task of introducing and selling goods to businesses, government agencies, and other industries on behalf of manufacturers and wholesalers. The requirement for this kind of job is a high school diploma, however, a bachelor’s degree is required for positions that involve more technical products. The median annual pay for a sales representative is $56,620. A sales representative’s income is based on how well he or she performs and this job can be stressful. Due to the nature of job, frequent traveling may be required.

6 Accountant

This is typically a full time job that requires a bachelor’s degree, and the individual who lands an accounting job has a median annual salary of $61,690. Accountants play a big role in maintaining a company’s financial standing. They make sure that the financial records are accurate and taxes are paid accordingly. They also help ensure that the business operations are running smoothly by assessing the financial operations of the company. During the tax season, accountants pull longer hours than they normally do on any other time of the year.

5 Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are still on high demand in the U.S. They are more preferred than practical nurses since they are responsible for managing patient care and providing advice and information to patients and their families concerning ailments and treatments. To be qualified for this position, the applicant should have a nursing program diploma, associate degree or bachelor’s degree. The median annual compensation for a registered nurse is $64,690. Hospitals and medical offices are not the only places where a registered nurse can be employed. Schools, prisons, and other industries also require registered nurses.

4 Speech Language Pathologist

The fourth latest in demand position is a speech language pathologist. This requires a master degree and state certification and the median annual pay for this job is $66,920. The duties of a speech language pathologist is to work with individuals, mostly children, with speech, language, and hearing disabilities and treat these conditions. Older people are also likely to require the services of professionals in this industry. Hence, this field is expected to grow in the coming years.

3 Physical Therapist

Physical therapists have one of the most high paying jobs there is and this position is currently the third most in demand job. Hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes employ specialists in this field. Personnel needed in this field is projected to grow 39 percent through 2020. In fact, this is also one of the positions that are hardest to fill because it requires a doctorate or professional degree and state licensing. The median annual salary for this kind of occupation is $76,310. Physical therapists spend most of their time actively working with patients who have sustained some adverse physical injuries or illnesses by helping them to manage pain and regain mobility. Employers include clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. Physical therapists spend a lot of time actively working with patients.

2 Software Engineer

Software engineers are the second most in demand professionals with a median annual income of $90,530. A bachelor’s degree and strong computer programming skills are required to qualify for this position. The specific tasks of a software engineer is to create operating systems that run computers and other computing devices, or control networks. In particular, Java developers are among the most needed in this field.

1 Pharmacist

Finally, the top in demand job in the U.S. are pharmacists. This is due to the increasing number of Americans using prescription drugs. Pharmacists get an astounding median annual salary of $111,570. Those who have a doctorate or professional degree and a license are qualified. Their responsibility is to properly dispense doctor-prescribed medications and provide patients advice on how to take them appropriately.

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