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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2013

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2013

There are plenty of high-income opportunities available around the world that people can use to increase their wealth. Pursuing these high-paying careers can definitely ensure a better future for you and your family.

Of course, when it comes to high paying jobs, you might immediately think of employment in the glitz and glamour of show business and sports. However, the competitive nature of the industry and the irregular pay that many receive make the lifestyle difficult for most to live with.

On the other hand, people working in fields like medicine, engineering, and aviation have been found to be among the top earners, with very attractive median salaries versus their counterparts in other industries. If you want to know the exact nature of these jobs, here is a rundown of the top 10 highest paying careers in 2013.

10. Natural Sciences Manager


These people do earn a lot, but that comes with huge responsibility. They are expected to supervise research conducted in various fields, including agriculture, climate science, and disaster prevention. They usually work with consultancy firms, and can also be employed by huge state research projects. A natural science manager can earn up to $100,000.

9. Marketing Manager


These people serve very important roles in a company. They are in charge of studying promotional campaigns and development opportunities for a company, to ensure that the business is continuously driving sales. They also have to deal with the media and ensure that a company maintains its positive image. The highest paid marketing managers earn over $100,000.

8. Computer and Information Systems Manager


These people often have vast experience in IT security, web development, software development and other computer-related jobs. They know the complicated details of anything about IT, software, and computer development. One of their biggest responsibilities is to ensure the safety of a company’s documents and records, especially the ones that contain top secret and other confidential information. Society’s increased reliance on computers had led to a great demand for their services. The highest paid managers in this field earn over $100,000.

7. Air Traffic Controller


There has been a surge in the aviation industry in recent years,  so it makes sense that people in this field are paid a lot. However, becoming an air traffic controller is not an easy journey; applicants need specific skills and an ability to use complicated technology. In addition, an air traffic controller has a lot of responsibilities. Even a minor mistake can lead to huge damage, and possibly a loss of lives. Studies have confirmed that air traffic controllers are subject to a great deal of stress on the job – especially when there is lots of activity in the air. For those with the mental fortitude, this job lets people earn over $130,000.

6. Lawyer


The services offered by lawyers do not stop at crime related activities; there are many other situations in which their services are needed. From notarizing documents, penning and reviewing copyright and entertainment laws, and reviewing government policy, a lawyer’s skills apply to a variety of situations. It only makes sense that they are paid a lot. The average lawyer makes $130, 490.

5. Dental Surgeon


It’s not the most glamorous career on this list, but it’s certainly one of the best paying jobs in the world. The amount of money a dentist earns increases every year, with the highest paid dental surgeons receiving up to $132,000. Of course, several years of rigorous studies, training, and exams must be passed before being able to practice.

4. Airline Pilots

Pilot in Front of Private Jet

These days, the demand for pilots has increased rapidly, with not enough applicants stepping up to fill the gap. Of course, there are a lot of things expected from pilots, with the safety of all passengers throughout the flight being their main responsibility. Although most airplanes today have advanced technologies that are capable of mid-air flights via their computer systems, but there is still a need for good people behind the controls. Depending on the airline they work for, these pilots can earn up to $135,000.

3. Engineering Managers


These people are in charge of research, design, and production related activities in a company. They are in charge of several elements of the manufacturing and design process, and in many cases, the success and failure of the business can rest on the decisions they make. They also have complex knowledge of many areas of their business. The combination of skills and knowledge require allows them to command an average salary of $140,000.

2. Chief Executive Officers


CEO’s are the highest ranking officials in any company. Their main responsibility is to produce good results for stockholders and the board of directors. They are in-charge of everything that takes place, and have to make sure that everything is done right. All subordinates report to them, and they create regulations that can affect the company in major ways. Normally, those who are working for multinational companies have a large salary, and receive an average of $140,000 for doing their job.

1. Surgeons


It was already established that people working in the field of medicine are paid a lot. Of all these people, surgeons receive the most. Their task is specialized, requiring years of study and careful training to acquire the skill to be able to perform successful operations. They can also earn more depending on their credentials and years of experience. Surgeons can therefore earn up to $180,000.

There are a lot of jobs that could offer you a more stable future, especially with the economy showing continuous signs of improvement. It is just a matter of choosing the job that suits you best, being able to excel in your chosen field, and having the opportunity to work with companies that pay a fair wage. When you make the right decision when choosing a field to study and a company to work for, you might just be able to receive what these people do.

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