The Top 10 Most Needed Trades in the World

Do you want to know what jobs will be in most demand the next few years? Here are the top 10 most needed trades in the world. 10. Personal Financial Advisors – 62,800 new jobs With members of t

Do you want to know what jobs will be in most demand the next few years? Here are

the top 10 most needed trades in the world.

10 Personal Financial Advisors – 62,800 new jobs

With members of the baby boom generation reaching retirement age in the next few

years, you can expect them to reach out to experts for advice on where to place

their money for investment. That is where a Personal Financial Advisor will come in.

The position is expected to have a growth rate of 30 percent from its 2008 numbers

to 2018, or an equivalent of 62,800 new jobs. As a personal financial advisor, you

are expected to help people with their taxes, give advice on investments and offer

information on insurance. Hotspots for this position are Connecticut, Delaware and

New York. Median salary of a personal financial advisor is $64,750.

9 Dental Hygienists – 62,900 new jobs

As the population continues to grow, more emphasis is now being placed on

preventative dental care. Better health and nutrition also mean that more old people

are now retaining their teeth. As a dental hygienist, you are expected to work

alongside a dentist in cleaning teeth and assisting during surgeries. Don’t worry, as

you do not need a medical degree for this job. One can actually complete a dental

hygiene program in college in less than four years. Places that need them the most

are Idaho, Michigan and Utah. Expected salary is around $68,250.

8 Civil Engineers – 67,600 new jobs

Civil engineering is one field that will also indirectly benefit from the growth in

population. That is because a high population growth rate means a greater demand

for transportation, city, industrial and other infrastructure development. Who

could oversee those projects but a civil engineer? Job openings for civil engineers

are expected to rise by nearly 25 percent from 2008 to 2018. Places that need it

the most are Alaska, Colorado and Washington. A civil engineer’s median salary is

approximately $77,650.

7 Market Research Analysts – 70,100 new jobs

Globalization has raised the level of competition among corporations that want to

increase the sales and market share of their products and services. To do that,

they would need to engage the services of a market research analyst. As a market

research analyst, you are expected to give the lowdown on the market, including

its demographics and target segment. Demand for this job is expected to increase

by more than 28 percent from 2008 to 2018. Income expected should be around

$60,570. Head to Delaware, the District of Columbia or Massachusetts because

these are the states who would need it the most.

6 Computer Systems Analysts – 108,100 new jobs

Computers and information technology are now integral parts of a business

organization. It helps the company run things faster and smoother. However, a

computer system will not run by itself. Companies need a computer systems analyst

to help not only build but also manage entire networks for file storage, sharing and

communication. The demand for this position is expected to go up by 20 percent.

A high school diploma or certification used to be enough so long as you prove your

proficiency in computers, but a lot more companies now prefer people who have

bachelor’s degrees in the field. Median salary of a computer systems analyst is

around $77,740, with Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia being the places to be.

5 Physicians and Surgeons – 144,100 new jobs

Doctors will always be needed in a society, but the demand is expected to increase

by more than 20 percent until 2018 because of the significant number of physicians

retiring in the next five years. Though it will take a lot of time, money and effort to

become a physician, much more a surgeon, the salary can make up for all of it.

Physicians and surgeons usually earn anywhere around $94,000 to $153,000. New

Mexico, West Virginia and Wyoming are the ones needing it the most.

4 Computer Applications Software Engineers – 175,100 new jobs

As technology further improves and gadgets become more advanced, the demand

for computer applications software engineers also increases, with some estimates

putting the increase at 34 percent. Colorado, Virginia and Washington have the most

jobs per capita for this position, which offers a median income of $94,180.

3 Management Analysts – 178,300 new jobs

Be a consultant to companies by helping them operate more efficiently and

effectively. Demand for management analysts will increase by almost 24 percent, as

firms look to outsiders to provide an objective eye in analyzing their business. Even

government agencies have been turning to these experts who could provide a fresh

and unbiased point of view. Georgia, Massachusetts and New York are the expected

hotspots for this kind of job. A management analyst is expected to make an income

of around $78,160.

2 Accountants and Auditors – 279,400 new jobs

It may be unglamorous, even nerdy, but do you know of any reputable business

organizations that do not make use of an accountant? Come to think of it, even

those that are not reputable and criminal organizations have accountants. There are

already a million of them around, but the demand is expected to increase further by

21.6 percent from 2008 to 2018. With new laws governing finance, tax and corporate

governance, the demand is not expected to slow down. Areas with the most jobs per

capita are Colorado, Delaware and the District of Columbia. Median income level of

accountants and auditors is around $61,690.

1 Registered Nurses – 581,500 new jobs

They are the ones that provide basic medical treatment and long term care to

patients. They also help manage the records of patients. The demand for registered

nurses will increase by 22.2 percent, as the population gets older and more people

start to need nursing care. Advances in health care also mean more problems can

be treated, which in turn means that more patients will require nursing help. States in

most need of registered nurses are Massachusetts, Rhode Island and South Dakota.

Nurses often earn around $64,690 per year.

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The Top 10 Most Needed Trades in the World