The Top 10 Best Paying Jobs That Require Almost No Education

We cannot really argue about the benefits of a good education. However, we also have to admit that getting one does not come cheap. While student loans are available, some people, understandably, refuse to be riddled with debt even before they start working. Given these scenarios, it would help to know the best paying jobs in the world that require almost no education. Read on to find out about these jobs and their median annual salaries.

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10 Occupational Therapist Aide - $27,430

An occupational therapist aide works under the direction of an occupational therapist. He assists in treating patients with disabilities, illnesses, or injuries through therapeutic use of everyday activities. These activities help patients develop, improve, and recover motor skills that are needed for daily living and working. Tasks can include setting up of equipment that will be used by patients. A high school diploma is normally sufficient to get this job and on the job training will be provided.

9 Real Estate Broker and Sales Agent - $42,680

A real estate broker and sales agent help clients rent, buy, and sell real estate properties. A broker is licensed to manage his own real estate business, while a sales agent, who may also be required by some states to obtain a license, works with a broker. While no formal education is required for these jobs, an exam is usually a prerequisite to getting a license. Some states require candidates to be high school graduates, at least 18 years of age, and with a particular number of real estate courses. Connections and good networking skills are essential for this job as income is normally based on sales commissions.

8 Advertising Sales Agent - $45,350

An advertising sales agent sells advertising space to individuals and businesses. He contacts potential clients, makes sales pitches, and maintains client accounts. This job cuts across several industries such as television, radio, Internet publishing, and advertising agencies. An entry-level position for this job would usually require a high school diploma but some employers require a bachelor’s degree. Good communication skills and previous sales experience would definitely be a plus. Note, however, that the income for this job is mostly commission-based.

7 Occupational Therapist Assistant - $51,010

An occupational therapist assistant usually has the same tasks as an occupational therapist aide. However, an assistant tends to have more patient interaction than an aide. Since greater responsibilities are given to an assistant, this job normally requires an associate’s degree from an accredited occupational therapy assistant program. Some states even require a license for this position.

6 Physical Therapist Assistant - $52,160

A physical therapist assistant, as the name suggests, assists physical therapists in providing physical therapy procedures and treatments. Some states allow an assistant to assist in developing treatment plans, carrying out routine functions, documenting treatment progress, and modifying specific treatments in accordance with treatment plans established by a physical therapist. Tasks may include helping patients improve mobility, overcome disabilities and injuries, and relieve pain. Formal training on the job is usually given. Assistants with greater responsibilities are normally required to have an associate’s degree.

5 Funeral Director - $54,330

A funeral director, also called an undertaker or a mortician, manages a funeral home and arranges details of a funeral. Most of the work is done in crematories and funeral homes. As a minimum requirement, a funeral director should have an associate’s degree in mortuary science. A license from the state where you are working is normally required and you would need to undergo a year of apprenticeship and to pass an exam before you can get the license. Admittedly though, this job is not for everyone.

4 Police and Sheriff Patrol Officer - $55,270

A police and sheriff patrol officer is tasked to maintain peace and order and to protect life and property by enforcing the law. Duties can include patrolling a specific area, apprehending and arresting suspects, investigating accidents, serving legal processes of courts, directing traffic, and issuing traffic summonses. Income for this job tends to go higher because of overtime work. Most of the time, this job only requires a high school diploma, but some departments require some college education or even a degree. Training is provided at police academies.

3 First-Line Police and Detective Supervisor - $78,270

A first-line police and detective supervisor supervises and coordinates the activities of members of the police force. You can rise through the ranks and become a supervisor by getting good performance reviews, obtaining advanced trainings, and passing exams. These things can help you become promoted to the rank of supervisor.

2 Industrial Production Manager - $87,160

An industrial production manager oversees the daily operations of manufacturing and similar plants. He plans, directs, and coordinates the activities used to create a wide range of products such as paper products, computer equipment, and cars. This position is mostly available in the automobile and aviation industries. While you can get this job with minimal education, most employers prefer to hire a production manager who has a bachelor’s degree and with around two to five years of relevant work experience.

1 Air Traffic Controller - $108,040

An air traffic controller coordinates the movement of air traffic to make sure that planes land and take off safely and stay at safe distances from each other. Most controllers are assigned in approach control facilities, route centers, or control towers. Owing to the huge responsibilities of an air traffic controller, one has to meet stringent requirements to get the job. These requirements include completing an air traffic management degree from a school certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), achieving a qualifying score on the FAA pre-employment test, and completing a training course at the FAA Academy. You have to be a U.S. citizen too. Prior air traffic control experience such as in the military could cut down the requirements significantly. Apart from the good pay, this job also offers good benefits and you can retire at 50 years old after rendering at least 20 years of service.

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